Final Take Aways

There's been many thing's I have taken away from this course. One of the major things I learned was how each platform is different and can help in all sorts fo ways. To get the most attention on different platforms you have to know how, when, and what to post. If you don't keep up … Continue reading Final Take Aways

Final Thoughts

After being in this class for eight weeks and having to learn more about social media marketing and what is really is. So what really sets social media apart from other media channels, such as television, newspapers, and radio? As a form of digital media, social media is like other “non-social” digital channels in that … Continue reading Final Thoughts

Important Takeaways

SWOT analysis, SMART goals, and creating a social media posting schedule are a few important skills I will take away from this class. Since I am getting my associates degree in graphic design, social media marketing will be very useful to me! Whether it be promoting my own freelance design work or helping a business gain more exposure, graphic design and social media will blend perfectly!  Photo by fauxels on A SWOT analysis is a great … Continue reading Important Takeaways

Traditional Marketing Research vs Social Media Marketing Research I liked the comparison between Traditional Marketing Research and Social Media Marketing Research and this it will be one of topics which I will remember very well. I would like to apply this topic to my work place and maybe in my future business, too. Question, here is: How can we use the best … Continue reading Traditional Marketing Research vs Social Media Marketing Research

An Opportunity Everyone Should Take What I have gotten out of Social Media Marketing class is there is so much more then posting a post on a social media account.  With me currently starting a small business where social media will be the best way for me to get the word out on my services, this class was a … Continue reading An Opportunity Everyone Should Take