The BIG Takeaway

Taking Social Media Marketing has helped show me that there is more to marketing on social media than just posting something on Facebook or Instagram.  I do most of the social media posting for the eye doctor I work for, since he is a small business in Sturgeon Bay.  Taking this class has helped to give me some strategies and things to consider when

Coming into this class, I was very open.  I knew there was more to social media marketing than just posting, but I wasn’t sure what it could be.  I am currently enrolled at NWTC in both their Design and Graphic Technologies program and their Marketing program, with an emphasis in digital marketing.  So, this truly is a class that I needed to help me succeed in my future career. 

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

Chinese Proverb

One of the take-aways that I had in this class was the Social Media Audit, and how knowing how your social media is doing, can help you improve your engagement with consumers online.  At my current job, I am about to (attempt) to start a social media audit, to try and find strategies to help grow our engagement.  The practice that I work for has been open for over 50 years, and the Dr. practicing there right now has been there for about 40.  His daughter just joined the practice as an associate.  She is in her early 30’s, and she wants to do more on social media ourselves.  Whereas before, the business had an outside source, who they paid to post on their social media page.  So now, I have been put in charge of figuring out our social media pages, by doing a social media audit, I can hopefully find ways or posts that help grow our social media pages.  According to they state that most studies agree that one post a day on Facebook is optimal, and there should be a max of 2 posts a day.  Also mentioned in their article HubSpot found that pages under 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement pre post if they posted more than once a day.  This would apply to both the business I work for, and my artist page.  Both are under 10,000 followers, which means this post would apply to us.  Also mentioned in the article, a business should post on their Facebook page at least 3 times per week to help grow their viewers engagement.  This is also the article that states that views are more likely to inter react with a post between 6:30 am and 8:30 pm.

I think another takeaway that will help me and any business that I work for in the future is understanding that social media is 24/7.  Therefore, understanding that if you don’t post regularly, you aren’t going to attract engagement to your social media page.  I think what could be most helpful for planning, is to have a social media posting calendar.  Which was a suggestion in one of the expert sessions.  Also learning that a posting schedule means knowing what and how many posts a day will help with increase in engagement.  I learned that our consumers will be the driving factor in what and when we post if we are looking at growing engagement. 

These skills that I took away from this class can also help me with my social media for my artist page.  I have a following that’s starting to grow, but by having a social media calendar, or set schedule to when I post, it can help increase my follower’s engagement and my increase in followers in general. 


Going forward in my career, I believe that posting on social media, and marketing on social media is only going to grow more as technology grows more every year.  As technology grows digital marketing and social media marketing is only going to grow more.  Looking forward, what I learned in this class will only help me more in my future.  Looking at the business I work for social media pages that I am in charge of, I want to conclude this post with a question to the reader.

Question One:

            What is one positive thing that you see on one or both social media pages?

Question Two:

            What is one thing that you think needs improvement on one or both social media pages?

Question Three:

            What would be one thing that you would like to see on one or both pages that you think could help improve engagement and increase followers?

Below I will have both social media pages linked.



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  1. I agree a social media audit is important! Analyzing where the business is at is a great starting point. If there is no audit, its hard to build off of that and set realistic goals. Good luck with your social media audit at your current job!


  2. Posting regularly is incredibly important for building your online audience, and for keeping people engaged with what you’re posting. “Consistency is Key”


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