Traditional Marketing Research vs Social Media Marketing Research

I liked the comparison between Traditional Marketing Research and Social Media Marketing Research and this it will be one of topics which I will remember very well. I would like to apply this topic to my work place and maybe in my future business, too. Question, here is: How can we use the best from both worlds?

Why social media research can be better? Below are some useful thoughts.

Social media marketing can save you a lot of money. Instead of spending months to plan and execute traditional research methods, through social media you can get the data you need in days, even hours. Interviews, surveys, discussion groups can be very expensive methods of research.

From social media research you can get honest feedback fast. Traditional marketing relies on some particular set of questions who might not give you the most honest answers. Usually on social media, people post their thoughts without companies even asking for that.

Another aspect is that on social media, engaging with your visitors, you can understand more about their behavior in a better and faster way than the situation when you use an interview or a questionnaire through traditional marketing research.

Social media marketing research has more convenient methods than traditional marketing research. Is much more comfortable to sit at your desk and conduct a marketing research than to meet with so many people for an interview, let’s say.

One of the biggest advantage of social media marketing is that you can reach to a wider audience through social media, again in a faster and easier way. You will not be restricted to a specific demography and you can customize your marketing efforts to fit each group.

This quote by Jeff Bezos makes perfect sense for the comparison between traditional marketing research and social media marketing research.

If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends. – Jeff Bezos

Why traditional methods still matters?

You can reach to people which are not on social media like older people, or people from poor countries where sometimes the internet is not even there. Lots of young people, prefer not to be on social media because they like to have a more private life. In these cases, traditional marketing research is still necessary.

You can target a specific demography more accurately. On internet, some people might hide their profile information or they can provide fake information. And because these traditional methods have been so long around, they are very effective. Using traditional marketing research sometimes is an effective way to get to the customers more directly.

Here is a list with best digital marketers to follow in 2021:

In order, to be the best in marketing you need to learn from the best. Is good to be in touch with the most brilliant minds especially because this domain evolves so quickly.

In conclusion, as a marketer use the best from both worlds. If you are good in traditional marketing and you understand the concepts and principles very well, you can easily be successful in social media marketing. Adaptation and hard work is the key and getting the information from the most reliable sources as on internet you can get “covered” by fake news!


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