Customer say what?!?

Reviews say more about a company and it is what customers look at before choosing if they want to invest. So stay on top with positive and effective customer service with responces and stop the negative posts before they get there. "Loud, dirty, and gross. The police had to be called. Worst hotel experience we … Continue reading Customer say what?!?


Customer Service is the Key

Debatably, customer service is the most important part of a successful business. And it’s no different on social media. Using social media for customer service has now become a part of nearly every business’ overall social media strategy. Social media networks provide a public view of businesses with the potential for instant feedback between them and their customers.  Although social media and customer service may … Continue reading Customer Service is the Key

Soooo many rules .. sooo many options..and I have a brand???

I had no idea how many options for Social Media there were and how many rules went with each platform until I took this course and the Hootsuite Course. While I created my social media profiles I had no idea I was creating my brand. photo credit Learning when to post, how to post, … Continue reading Soooo many rules .. sooo many options..and I have a brand???