Wrapping up Social Media Marketing

I had no idea what this class was going to involve. I saw that it was part of the Customer Service degree and I decided to take it in order to get promoted at work. I also was having thoughts about coming up with ways to make residual income using social media. I currently work … Continue reading Wrapping up Social Media Marketing

Customer Service is Very Important

Customer service is very important to businesses. It is especially important on social media. Anyone in the world could access your businesses social media site and they will see how you treat your customers. They can read reviews and comments and they will see how the business responds. So, depending on all of that, you … Continue reading Customer Service is Very Important

No Prior Experience… Social Media Marketing Summary

I've done social media management since 2014 and I had no training...  I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been working in social media for just over eight years with the company that I am currently employed with.  Did I have any formal training on the subject? No, I had none, other than I could photograph … Continue reading No Prior Experience… Social Media Marketing Summary