“Hi, How Can I Help You?”

A look at social media's role in customer service. "It takes months to find a customer... seconds to lose one."Vince Lombardi Whether you have had to work a customer service job or have been on hold for 20+ minutes with nothing but elevator music to keep your spirits up, it's no doubt that talking with … Continue reading “Hi, How Can I Help You?”


Customer Service, and the Benefits of Social Media

Customer service is important for businesses of all sizes. Supporting your customers before and after a purchase can encourage them to purchase or use your service again, and it can even help to grow your business through the word of mouth. On the flip side of the same coin, poor customer service can lead to … Continue reading Customer Service, and the Benefits of Social Media

How to Set SMART Goals – Sam Hirbod

Sam Hirbord has more than 7 years of experience in Business administration and economics. His video is very valuable if you want to learn useful stuff about SMART goals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZospF9ZJChk&ab_channel=Stukent%2CInc. According to Sam Hirbord, base every decision on data. Have a data decision driven company. Look at the data which you have available before to … Continue reading How to Set SMART Goals – Sam Hirbod

Telephone vs. Keyboard

Why your social media needs customer service. https://www.commbox.io/the-role-of-social-media-in-customer-service-a-social-media-guide/             What is the one call you hate to make?  Its waiting on the line for customer service.  Trying to get through to customer service, sometimes could be a few seconds, other times it could be an hour.  I don’t think I have met anyone that likes … Continue reading Telephone vs. Keyboard