Final Take Aways

There’s been many thing’s I have taken away from this course. One of the major things I learned was how each platform is different and can help in all sorts fo ways. To get the most attention on different platforms you have to know how, when, and what to post. If you don’t keep up with it, then your business won’t benefit from it.

Social media is one of the top ways in today’s world of getting yourself and business out there. If you don’t use social media then people won’t know you and your brand/product. The only thing people are invested to these days is strictly just social media. One thing I enjoyed in this class was listening to all the podcasts that we got to pick. I mainly picked mine that would relate to growing my business as a Real Estate agent. They were such a helpful eye opener in the many different things I heard major business owners talk about. One of my favorite brands I got to learn more about the founder in.

One of the podcasts I listened to was “How to Grow a Business With a Podcast” and a really good quote I took away was “When customers have a bad experience they might not come back.” For me this made me think about when I have clients who choose me because they have a bad experience with another agent. This makes me want to be the best for them so they can spread that word of mouth and not only get me more clients, but now I have a really loyal client.

In conclusion, I have learned so much from taking this class from learning about brands I’m a huge fan of to learning about new brands I didn’t know about. It was inspiring to hear about how they started at the bottom and where they are at today. I’m excited to continue my journey in marketing as I’ll continue to learn so much more in this topic.


One thought on “Final Take Aways

  1. Hey Jenna, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas so far about this class. I agree with what you suggested, being if customers a negative experience they may not return for further business, and that is very true! It’s also a good practice to listen and empathize with the upset customer! Ties are also very important which you touched base on. Good work!


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