The Importance of Social Media

Social media is a strange thing and has many different uses. Most kids today would consider social media to be a good thing, while adults usually are not on the same page. For the most part adults and teens can both agree on the fact social media can be a useful way to contact people … Continue reading The Importance of Social Media

Customer Service for Social Media

Social Media and Customer Service, a blessing or a curse? Well that depends who you ask. In the past if you had a problem with a product you would call or email to discuss with a representative. Now you see a post on your news feed with a product you have. One that you aren’t … Continue reading Customer Service for Social Media

Marketing for All to See

The Down Low Social media is an umbrella term that describes websites that connects people and involves user-generated content. User-generated content is the hallmark of a social media site versus a traditional website. This model contrasts with the editorially controlled style of old media. Social media is sometimes called Web 2.0. Right now social media is … Continue reading Marketing for All to See