Customer Service VS Social Media

Customer Service on Social Media. What happens when your laundry soap starts to drip from around the pour spout, and now you have a mess to clean up? Or when that card you ordered 2 weeks ago still hasn’t shown up? With about 72% of Americans who use social media and 75% of the world … Continue reading Customer Service VS Social Media


Why Aren’t You Listening?!

Today’s post is a reflection upon Tori McClellan’s expert session (Social Listening - Tori McClellan) from Michelle Charello's "Essentials of Social Media Marketing," and why (as a social media manager) I believe that it’s important for your organization to include social listening in your social media strategy. As the only social media "guru" at the … Continue reading Why Aren’t You Listening?!

The customer is always right, even if is wrong!

Customer service is very important if we want to build a good reputation in a business, hence the saying: "the customer is always right". “The customer is always right.” It is so ingrained in Stew Leonard’s that the supermarket chain has engraved it in stone and put it right in front of its stores.Stew In … Continue reading The customer is always right, even if is wrong!

“Please hold for the next Customer Service Representative”

No matter how good a product is, an organization's customer service skills can make or break them. Customer service is essentially how a brand treats its audience. It reflects the company's level of professionalism, patience, and attitude. Now some might say, this is only reflected through the employees of that company (whereas some employees may … Continue reading “Please hold for the next Customer Service Representative”