The woes of the Customer Service industry.

The most common customer service challenges can be seen in both in-person settings as well as virtual. In-person challenges can be summed up through poor communication between the customer service staff and the consumer. A lack of real-time engagement and genuine connections sends customers out the door. Customers invest time and effort to personally visit … Continue reading The woes of the Customer Service industry.


Are YouTube Advertisements Overlooked?

By Henry Gabrielsen Social media is essential to me because my future career and business will require social media to succeed. In the business world today, companies need websites and readily available information online to provide alternative buying experiences. I feel that YouTube withholds potential that lots of businesses are unaware of. According to YouTube, … Continue reading Are YouTube Advertisements Overlooked?

Customer Service Through Social Media – Why it’s Important

To make it simple, social media customer service is the act of providing customer support through social media channels which includes direct messages, social media posts and online reviews. Social media customer service brings a brand key advantages. By giving customers the option to reach out conveniently on social media, the brand increases customer satisfaction. … Continue reading Customer Service Through Social Media – Why it’s Important

Excellent & Ugly Customer Service on Social Media

Good customer support through social media channels can be essential when trying to build competitive gain against other brands. Consumers want to buy from brands they like, so always listen and stay engaged on social apps. Ugly customer service are brands who lash back and get too opinionated when receiving negative comments. Growing brands receive … Continue reading Excellent & Ugly Customer Service on Social Media

Social Media Customer Service

Social Media's Importance in Customer Service Brand loyalty Publicity Additional customer service channels Become informed on market trends Brand loyalty Excellent Customer Service Putting the support contact information in plain sight on the website and/or using chatbots that are available around-the-clock Ensuring that the information on the website is accurate and current. Putting a focus on prompt quick responses. Having skilled, assured salespeople. To ensure that the transfer is successful, offer to remain on the line until it is finished. Emphasis on problem-solving. Avoiding overuse of technical lingo.  Use the appropriate words and tone to engage clients and make the conversation feel less daunting. Communications on social media are receptive, timely, accurate, truthful, and constructive. Building a comprehensive knowledge base to enable users to find answers on their own time Having SLAs that are distinctly specified will help to assure consistency Negative Customer Service Customers are posting reviews of companies online, whether they are raving or yelling, and whether the companies are … Continue reading Social Media Customer Service