Customer Service on Social Media

Customer service is one the most important aspects when it comes to running a business. Customer service is one of the major things that customers remember when leaving your business. The products, location, and prices could all be great, but with bad customer service, you will still leave a bad taste in that customers mouth, … Continue reading Customer Service on Social Media

AI & Live Chats: Social Media

Service Requested Since the rise of the digital age, Social Media has been evolving alongside customer service, for as long as I have personally known. With my 20 years of life, I have always known technology, especially the big clunky versions. I remember playing old disk games on a giant computer and I remember my … Continue reading AI & Live Chats: Social Media

How Social Media Changed Customer Service

Social media has changed the way we do business drastically and there’s no denying that. Social media has also changed customer service behavior in the recent years.  Before online shopping and the internet revolutionizing things, people had to go into stores to receive help or service from a business. Even then, there was no guarantee … Continue reading How Social Media Changed Customer Service

The Use of Customer Service in Social Media

It can be assumed that most people have dealt with customer service, and if I asked you about your experiences with customer service, what would you say? Would you say your experiences have been mostly good, bad, or a little bit of both depending on the brand or company? Customer service is vital to any … Continue reading The Use of Customer Service in Social Media

Growing on Social Media with Advertising

Paid social media has been taking over various platforms. It seems like every 5 posts on Instagram, there is an advertisement. There are commercials in between stories on Snapchat and Instagram, an advertisement as soon as you open TikTok, and a handful of ads in one 10-minute YouTube video. Internet advertising is taking over. In … Continue reading Growing on Social Media with Advertising

Going Social Increases ROI

By: Sarah Swanson Bergwin Source: In recent years, Social Media has taken over many aspects of our lives. It’s not surprising that customer service is no exception to this rule. Social media is rapidly replacing traditional forms of communication between consumers and companies, such as telephone calls and email correspondence. In fact, experts estimate … Continue reading Going Social Increases ROI

Why I Wish I Knew About Content Marketing for Social Media In My Teens

Being a teenager is undoubtedly the most embarrassing, self-searching, sometimes smelly, and confusing time in a young person’s life.  Personally, if I could have adopted some techniques of content marketing while in my teens, I probably wouldn’t be in my late 20’s and still trying to hide all my yearbooks under the bed.  So, what … Continue reading Why I Wish I Knew About Content Marketing for Social Media In My Teens