An Opportunity Everyone Should Take

What I have gotten out of Social Media Marketing class is there is so much more then posting a post on a social media account.  With me currently starting a small business where social media will be the best way for me to get the word out on my services, this class was a great asset.  The idea of planning out what to post and when and what kind of posts for certain platforms was a bit overwhelming but as the class went on it became more clear.  Getting the opportunity to also get certified through Hootsuite was a great addition.  I do plan to set myself up with Hootsuite for my business and get a couple calendars together, a monthly one for a general layout and a weekly one for a more defined schedule.

            I also didn’t realize that timing was crucial for posting on different social media platforms and knowing what times were good for what platform and how often to post.  Like twitter I can see posting very often but like Facebook and Instagram only a couple times surprised me.  Also the idea of making a personal brand was something new to me.  But I can see how it can be a benefit.  I plan to work on my personal brand and would like to keep blogging too.  Though blogging on topics I like and am interested in.  Do a post bout a class topic is a little hard for me to really get into it.

            I will also be taking what I have learned and also try to help promote the company I work for.  They are lacking in that department.  We are short staffed and not many people know about us.  I am fortunate that a position in our prepress and design department opened up and they asked me to become a part of it.  I am looking forward to putting my skills to use in all areas. 

            All in all, I highly recommend anyone that is using social media to promote their business, I suggest they take a social media marketing class.  It will provide too much information on how to successfully promote their business and get their business booming.  Also, will help with customer service, by being able to interact with them easily and that too can be an opportunity to showcase your customer service with their response.  It shows that there are actual people they can talk to.  A lot of people don’t like to email or talk on the phone with customer service because most of it is all automated and they don’t feel important.  That their concern is taken seriously.

            This class was a great asset for what my future plans are.  One day I will have my own business and the road to get there has been a great learning opportunity.  I have been taking everything in that I can to make me a better designer, employee and eventually business owner.  I want to be able to give my employer and eventually my customers happy and making me successful.


7 thoughts on “An Opportunity Everyone Should Take

  1. I totally believe in your small business you made the right move learning here for it. it won’t be a walk in the park but like you said you learned enough to get you on the right track! Good luck!


  2. I hope your small business is successful! I also learned that if you’re not promoting yourself on social media that nobody will know who you are and what your business is about. Good Job!!


  3. I agree with you alot on what you has said! This class was so helpful and I cant wait to see where it helps me in the future!


  4. Taking time to thoughtfully design posts is so important! I fell like it is noticeable when an account will just post to post, instead of posting with a purpose. Taking a little extra time is worth it!


  5. First of all, good on you for doing the Hootsuite certification—I’m planning to finish mine this week.

    Second, I like that you’re finding practical applications for this material already. It’s already got me at the point that when I see lackadaisical social media accounts for companies, it’s frustrating, because we now know just how much a little bit of effort can do to help promote a business.


  6. Social media definitely creates the opportunity for anyone to grow their brand or business with just a bit of work. Good luck with your business! Hope everything goes well for you!


  7. Creating your personal brand is the best asset in today’s economy. This can make the difference because people can find information about you and your business, easily in this manner. I agree with you that this class is useful and good luck with your personal and professional goals!


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