An Opportunity Everyone Should Take What I have gotten out of Social Media Marketing class is there is so much more then posting a post on a social media account.  With me currently starting a small business where social media will be the best way for me to get the word out on my services, this class was a … Continue reading An Opportunity Everyone Should Take


Telephone vs. Keyboard

Why your social media needs customer service.             What is the one call you hate to make?  Its waiting on the line for customer service.  Trying to get through to customer service, sometimes could be a few seconds, other times it could be an hour.  I don’t think I have met anyone that likes … Continue reading Telephone vs. Keyboard

Who are you with out Social Media?   It’s hard to believe there was a time with out social media. The only way a person is now identified is by their social media profiles.  Any time someone wants to know anything about someone all they have to do is google that person.  Every single one of their profiles will appear, also those that have the same name.  But … Continue reading Who are you with out Social Media?