Commit to Social Media for Customer Service

It is safe to say that social media has taken over (almost) everyone's life.  Approximately 4.7 billion users use various social media platforms with 74 percent of global marketers continuing to invest in social media marketing. One of the key benefits of having a strong social media presence is the opportunity to connect with customers and … Continue reading Commit to Social Media for Customer Service

Social Media Goes Video First

Social media surrounds us daily and has become the most influential and important virtual spaces where people, businesses, organizations – almost everyone - can use the many forms of digital content to communicate shared ideas, learn, educate, advertise, show, promote, and more. The biggest trends that are shifting the way we watch digital content, and … Continue reading Social Media Goes Video First

#Social Media, Don’t Ignore it! 81% of teenagers feel that social media has a positive impact on their lives. 7.5 million users in the US are under the age of 13, despite having to be aged 13 or over to hold an account. I was asked to explain the importance of social media to me in my personal and/or professional … Continue reading #Social Media, Don’t Ignore it!

TikTok, TikTok, the time to join is now!!

Forbes, January 21/2020- Picture by Getty Images Last year was very difficult for everyone; we went through a pandemic that changed our lives and interactions. Suddenly, we found ourselves closed in our houses, with few chances to socialize and a lot of extra time. I tried everything to keep myself happy and cheerful while helping … Continue reading TikTok, TikTok, the time to join is now!!