The new reality

The world will never be the same. I am not talking about COVID and its consequences. The topic is much deeper and more exciting. Despite all troubles existing in our world, we have many developing spheres, which influence our lives more than the pandemic. I am talking about Social Media.  

I would call this the phenomenon “the world inside the world”. The Internet creates many connections between people around the Earth. Social Media Platforms are like little countries inside of it with many current industries. It reflects our real life in many cases.

My life is closely connected to using different platforms on the Internet. As I part of Generation Z (I was born in 2001), I got my first phone with the Internet allowance very early. I still remember how it was difficult to use push – button cellphone to send messages. Nowadays, it became much easier.

I was growing up under the influence of modern technologies. Therefore, I suppose to be an advanced user of it. Currently, I can claim that Social Media go through all my life.

According to Russian research about social media, we have two the most of popular Social Networks – Vkontakte (48%) and Instagram (39%) (VTSIOM). The first one has many similarities with Facebook. It has some interesting components: music, video, groups, opportunity to make friends, share different kinds of information. I was fond of the TV show “Once upon a time”, so I started to follow fan-community “Storybrooke Times” on Vkontakte. I got to know many people with the same passion, so I was very excited to be a part of this group. Later, I became a manager, where I made a friend, who taught me how to work on Photoshop. At that time, “Storybrooke Times” had a lack of designers, so I decided to master this unknown sphere. Therefore, I began to work as a graphic designer. Nowadays, I create logos, posters, different kinds of outdoor advertising, social networks decorations for Russian companies.

Neespo, logotypes, 2020

In addition, my photography passion is closely connected to Social Media. It is a very important tool in promoting my works. I have several aims in this sphere: to realize my ideas, to earn money, and to promote social important problems. Social Media helps me to share it with many people around the world and get feedback to develop my skills.

Neespo, Social advertising in supporting the Movement “You are not alone”, 2019

Thirdly, Social Networks help me to keep in touch with my relatives, who live far away from me. It takes about a second to send them information from my life.

I cannot help but tell you about the story, where Instagram helped me to solve the problem in my life. This year my mother became a victim of domestic violence. Unfortunately, we do not have a special law in Russia to protect such women, so it is always a struggle to help them in solving these problems. Moreover, we have the movement “You are not Alone”, which helps to promote the draft law to the Russian State Duma and help victims of domestic violence. The mother’s lover tried to kill her with a knife, while she was sleeping at our country house. Luckily, she escaped. Later, I took her to the hospital and the police station, where she wrote a statement about the accident. Police officers detained him and let him go after 1 day, so this man started to threaten my and my mother’s lives by calling us. We tried to ask for help from the police, but their staff told us: “Approve that your mother did not do it by herself”. I decided to write a post on Instagram to make the citizens know that such a man walking around the town and that we need help. Police officers took him to the prison in 3 days after the publication thanks to a big amount of reposts and feedback about my story.

My post “I need help” and its statistics, 2021.

This situation showed me the strength of Social Media in modern society. It is a great tool to find shelter for anybody, to find help for solving any kind of problem. Anyway, it steals our privacy.

“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.”

Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO

The bad thing about Social Media is that there are some crucial disadvantages like addiction, mental illness, fraunds and scams, misleading information, cyberbullying, hacking, and privacy issues (Nirajan). For example, we have a whole movement “The Blue Whale” on Vkontakte, a community of people who are going to commit suicide. This group had special managers who controlled the participants in helping them to do it. Many teenagers became victims of this community. Anyway, Vkontakte managers are trying to control the situation and block any suspicious group inside this Social Network.

In conclusion, I want to say that I cannot imagine my life without Social Media. It became an integral part of my professional and personal life. It helps me to solve many daily problems and share important information with people. I am sure that it will have more influence on our society in the future, so we need to learn how to use it in an appropriate way.

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