Is Facebook the best place for your business?

Many of us grew up frequently going to the malls. We went the to get clothes and cool gadgets, have fun with friends, and buy the most attractive products that we saw in the show windows. With the arrival of the online market in the last few years, malls started to disappear, our favorite stores to close, and businesses changed the way to operate. Big companies as Walmart, Target, Gap, Adidas, etc., rearranged their marketing strategies. They launched customer-friendly websites with the best Tech support and online and offline extensive campaigns, making their transition to online marketing smoother.

The story was the opposite for small and new businesses with limited budgets, and many brands did not survive. However, the introduction of social media marketing has allowed them to showcase their products and services, amplify their target audiences, and generate new channels of communication between the companies and their customer, and also between customers.

We will use Facebook to explain some characteristics of social media marketing, types of social media content, and paid content advantages. 


Facebook As a Business Partner

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. More than 2.8 billion people use the platform every single month, and that at least two-thirds of these users visit local business Facebook pages at least once a week. Facebook offers companies a friendly environment where they can promote their products and services, communicate with their clients, do financial transactions, and analyze the behavior of the marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, setting a Facebook business Page and reviewing Facebook Insights (analytics) is really easy and also free.

Source: CAKE Websites

Inside the Facebook Business Page, companies can also find different sections as Publishing tools that help brands schedule their posts and Promotions that manage and track Facebook Ad campaigns.

What kind of Content can I create on Facebook?

Facebook has many kinds of posts, from the traditional text, photo, and video until more interactive and creative tools like Facebook Live Video, Stories, and Watch Party, where the businesses have the opportunity to generate a more intimate and authentic connection with their followers. 

Facebook Business Page also gives brands a high level of control over their content design, dissemination, audience interactivity, and the opportunity for real-life feedback from their customers.

The platform offers companies a way to mix their content format; however, brands should incorporate different content goals. As a good rule of thumb, the content mix needs to be 80% to inform, educate, and entertain and only 20% to promote their brand.


Using Facebook for My Social Marketing Strategy

When a company is designing content for marketing purposes, it needs to know who its customers are. Its client’s ages, where they live, their jobs, and how often and when they use social media platforms. 

The Facebook Business page provides brands with Audiences Insight. This tool gives the companies demographical information about their platform users(age, gender, education, location, language, etc.), past purchasing activity and platform usage.

After collecting this data, the businesses can efficiently target their audience and determine their marketing goals. Companies on Facebook can set goals like increasing brand awareness, boosting brand engagement, growing revenue (by increasing signups or sales), or improving customer service. All that goals must be SMART (specific for the brand, measurable, attainable, relevant for the business, and Time-bound(reach in a set time).


Invest Money to Reach Goals Marketing Goals

We learned that Facebook is a trendy platform that provides brands and businesses with the opportunity to reach enormous audiences. We also understand that this platform has high traffic making it more difficult for brands to reach their target customers.
Facebook has an option to overcome this obstacle, Facebook Ads. The platform promotes this kind of online advertisement, giving its users more exposure to this content.
Facebook Ads could be placed in Facebook feeds, in its column, Stories, Marketplace, Messenger or in Facebook partner platforms like Instagram. The business can also use any format content for the Ads (videos, Info-graphics, collections, etc.), plan its diffusion, and decide how much invest in them.


Simple Ads can be set up directly on Facebook Business Page, but if a company is looking to launch a campaign with multiple Ads, different audiences, particular marketing goals is more efficient to use Facebook Ads Manager.
Facebook advertising costs can vary greatly depending on the industry, your ad placement, target audience, and multiple other factors. Typically Ads cost between $0.50 and $2.00 per click.


On Summary

Facebook and its business page are impressive social media channels that can help companies reach their marketing goals.
Their analytical and business features make the platform a valuable tool to create and promote content and targeting specific audiences at the right time.
As paid content, Facebook Ads is an affordable way to make online advertisements where businesses can decide when and how much they want to spend.
Nevertheless, Facebook is just one of many social media channels, and it should not be seen as a whole medium to reach our marketing objectives. It is also wise for any brand to cross-promote content in other channels and websites and search advertising.


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