Social Media Goes Video First

Social media surrounds us daily and has become the most influential and important virtual spaces where people, businesses, organizations – almost everyone – can use the many forms of digital content to communicate shared ideas, learn, educate, advertise, show, promote, and more. The biggest trends that are shifting the way we watch digital content, and in turn, shaping the video production industry have led to an explosion in video marketing, mobile advertising, and social media.

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One of the most common reasons people use social media is to view video. Videos are one of the biggest business trends, one of the most versatile of formats, and a form of digital content shared in online media. And the video sharing platform ‘YouTube’ is the world’s second most popular website (after Google). In March of 2021, I created a video production company. Imagine the Light, LLC. and have an opportunity to flourish as a small video production company on social media. I have been operational for 17 months and with the many social media platforms that currently exist, I DO NOT have a social media presence on any one platform today. With the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and media sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, having an understanding and a presence on these platforms will indeed attract customers and get consumers talking about my services with other consumers. To attract small businesses to my video production company, it’s important that I showcase my value and the quality of my work. With networking, requesting referrals, and most importantly, utilizing social media, this will play a crucial role for brand awareness and increasingly contribute to my company’s growth.

Professionally, here’s where Imagine the Light Productions can assist other small businesses that are desperate to tell their story. Social media is an essential part of the “marketing mix” of any small business, especially those small businesses that do not have video content on their social media platforms. The average visitor spends 88% more time on company websites and linked pages with video. Marketers see video as a

“very important or extremely important”

part of their marketing strategy and 98% believe that video will play an important role in marketing over the coming years. Three advantages with videos are broadcasting a business’s message, boost the businesses’ brand, and increasing sales having a larger impact on a small business’s audience as a medium. Video content opens many opportunities for a brand to build trust with customers, gain their loyalty, evoke their interest in a company, spread the word about it, and catch and hold the audience’s attention. Video engages customers, encourages loyal followers to act, evokes powerful emotions, helps build trust, builds brand awareness and engagement, and most importantly, attracts more customers and followers.


Social media is here to stay and digital content in the form of video shared in online media, raises the bar across owned, earned, and paid channels. It’s expected to continue to dominate the marketing field in 2023 and Imagine the Light, LLC. better get onboard with tis trend and fast!


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  1. Social media is around us everyday and it is a vital part of everyone’s life now. It is kind of surprising that social media is so influential in our everyday lives that almost no one spends a day without going on social media.


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