Snapchat Vs. Pinterest, Photo Vs. Photo.

Like many of you, I am a large advocate of both Pinterest and Snapchat. I use both apps almost every day for reasons such as shopping, keeping in touch with others, and discovering trending photos. While these apps may seem completely different, I would like to share how similar they are as well as compare the two.   

Above are a few examples of Snapchat location filters.

The first topic I would like to discuss is the different features of both snapchat and Instagram. According to the Stukent textbook, there are many elements of snapchat such as snaps, creative tools, camera tools, editing tools, filters/Geo filters, lenses, and sounds/music. I don’t know about you, but I have not even scratched the surface of these elements, let alone as a marketing professional. The Stukent textbook also mentions the many features of Pinterest such as standard pins, video pins, product pins, collections, idea pins, and Pinterest takes. While businesses and marketers are dabbling in these elements, they are not using them to their fullest advantage. As an avid user of these networks, as well as a future digital and social media marketer, I would also like to touch on some ways that we can better utilize these elements to improve user experience for customers. One example would be to create and promote trending filters and Geo filters on Snapchat. Doing this will create word of mouth effects when customers post their stories, and it will also allow Snapchat users to more easily discover businesses. It is also very important to post Snaps with not only visuals, but also sounds/music and the premade captions Snapchat provides. Doing this will allow users with differing abilities to still get the full marketing experience. One way to improve upon Pinterest marketing is to create short videos or takes to demonstrate what simple pictures cannot. It is also a good idea to use carousels to incorporate storytelling into pins. Doing this will appeal to customers emotional side, building a more permanent bond to a business/company.

All in all, we must utilize all elements of social networks in order to create successful content.  

Another topic I would like to discuss is both Snapchat and Instagram content strategies. As for content on Snapchat, it is crucial to use storytelling techniques such as short videos of people talking, or a few snaps posted one after the other. This creates more engagement and attachment between the customer and the brand. According to the Pinterest business website, it is also crucial to use storytelling when making a pin. One way they mention doing this is to, “show, don’t tell”. The Pinterest business website goes on to say that many people watch videos with the sound off so to keep the fully immersive experience for a user, you must show what you want to show, not tell what you want to tell. Here is an example:

Example found on Pinterest Business website.

Pinterest business also mentions showing your personality. This is especially important in both Pinterest and snapchat because they are both extremely photo and video focused, and Pinterest especially, is supposed to be more of a behind the scenes type of network in terms of posting. The last thing I would like to mention is being intentional with what you post and when you post it. It may seem easy to post, post, post, but you need to think about what users want to see, and when. On Pinterest for example, fitness content does best on Monday’s, inspirational quotes do best on Wednesday’s, and travel does best on Saturday’s. Could this be a coincidence? yes. But could this also be extremely true? yes. If you think about it for a minute, people may be the most motivated on Monday, or the start of a new week, so they are ready to get into the new week new me mindset towards fitness. By the time Wednesday rolls around, people need a boost of encouragement to get them through the week, hence the inspirational quotes doing well. Finally, by Saturday, People are on weekend mode, they want to get away, they want to explore, so they travel. When putting things into perspective, analyzing these trends is not difficult. Think about what you would like to see as a consumer as well as how you are feeling at a certain time, and post.  

“show, don’t tell”

Pinterest Business

In conclusion, although Snapchat and Pinterest may seem completely different, I hope I was able to alter your thinking, even just a bit. While yes, all social media networks have their own quirks, all in all, they have very similar foundations. I do not like to jump to conclusions, but when it comes to social networks, if you master one, you master them all. When I say this, I do not mean the number of likes or how viral a post gets, I am talking about how much engagement such as comments, shares, and link clicks/inquiry you get, or in other words, how much you stopped posting, and started listening to what users want.


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  1. Well written blog post. Your blog post really helped show the difference between Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, even though they all look very similar. I enjoyed how you included a strategy section as well.


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