An Extra Reach

Have you ever wanted to be more? To me, Digital Marketing is something I didn’t expect to be utilizing at the age of 20. For my entire life, I believed that ads were annoying and I laughed whenever I came across local businesses that had social media like Wendy’s or thrift shop. Within the last few years, I had my first attempt at becoming a streamer/influencer along with my mom starting her own business and asking me to help her gain an “extra reach” over media platforms. This past year, I created my mother’s LLC website along with formatting their Facebook page. I also took control of online advertisements to help them grow their brand and gain customers.

If you’re like me, at one point in your life you had a dream where instead of working a regular nine to five job, you’d become a YouTuber or streamer. Being a content creator is something my peers and I would l look at and say that it’s “easily possible”, but calling us naïve and wrong was an understatement. My background with digital marketing was awful, so I had no idea about the foundations, what went into the web designs, or the importance of even the smallest analytic. When streaming, I never thought of making a website to promote or sell the content that I have been creating.

After I read Chapter 1, I looked at myself in disappointment due to the fact I made too many assumptions growing up and creating web pages on my own. While making my mother’s page, I never thought of the steps of awareness, interest, and desire into action. In the end, I just started with the action and skipped all the rest. My train of thought was- “Walmart is as successful as they are because they became an early staple in people’s lives. They had no need for all these fancy website tactics and traffics”. Direct traffic came easy once my family used our connection to a family friend’s radio station (96.9) to promote our service.

96.9FM #1 Hispanic radio station in Brown County

When I started last semester, I gave my first true try at digital marketing. I went out into discord servers for an easy way to find some referral traffic and it worked very well. I met great people and made some important connections and fans. Once I had the traffic, I didn’t immediately try to converse into revenue. Instead, I went the other route of insuring people could have a reason to come back. So, I began with doing giveaways, raffles, and more. Due to these, my twitch began to take off. I started seeing revenue and getting more into it. Creating relevance was followed by creating high-quality entertainment, which wasn’t easy since there are over 100 million twitch streamers, so you need to do something that will set you apart from everyone else, but I never found that one thing, so I took a break.

“Good web design is not about creating websites that look good—it is about creating and optimizing websites for conversion. No single design philosophy will always produce the best results, but any of the above sets of design principles, or any combination of them, will increase your likelihood of creating a high-performing website. Once a website has been created, it should be continually changed to improve its performance. These changes should be based on data and should utilize A/B testing to ensure top performance of the site.”-Stukent chapter 2 section 1. I decided to use this blockquote solely on the fact that I’ve done I like how non restricting the line of “no single design philosophy will always produce the best results.” Using the A/B method for a subscription page on twitch is crucial for your setup no one wants to put their debit information on a page that looks unsafe or unproffesional.

For the final reflection, I’d like everyone to know that digital marketing is not just an extra reach but an opportunity as a whole to grow. I’m very excited to learn how to use more techniques in growing my online presence and business along with supporting my family’s business as a whole. One main thing i will try when i get the soonest chance is a/b testing with fellow streamers to try and see what’s working for them and build off of peers. This is class is only on week 2 as of now so to whoever reads this know that there will be more to talk about and learn I hope you can stick around and join me to incorporate these tactics in our own businesses and media.


2 thoughts on “An Extra Reach

  1. I think it is amazing at what you have already accomplished at such a young age. I think helping out a family business is great and in the meantime you are learning more about yourself and what you want to do with your career. You are learning more about your desires and your talents. Keep up the great work!


  2. Hi Douglas, I admire you. You took a leap into digital marketing with the intent to learn to be better. Good for you for learning as you grow and continuously trying new things. Your mom is lucky to have you!


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