Why I Wish I Knew About Content Marketing for Social Media In My Teens

Being a teenager is undoubtedly the most embarrassing, self-searching, sometimes smelly, and confusing time in a young person’s life.  Personally, if I could have adopted some techniques of content marketing while in my teens, I probably wouldn’t be in my late 20’s and still trying to hide all my yearbooks under the bed.  So, what do I mean by this? Well, bear with me, because how I see it, being a teenager and being a social media marketer are eerily similar. 

Envision yourself at sixteen.  What are you wearing? What group of friends do you surround yourself with?  How are you trying to “fit in”? Who are the “cool kids”? Who are the kids who you secretly envy? Do you just want to know how others view you?…

Now envision yourself as a social media marketer for a company.  What is your logo? Who is your target market?  How are you using posts on social media?  Who are your social media influencers? Who are your competitors? Do you just want to know how others view you?…

Starting to see the connection?  

In both realms, we are trying to fit in with trends yet express ourselves in a unique, positive manner; all to gain acceptance, recognition, and fans.  So, how does content marketing come into play? According to an article in Marketo, “Content marketing is the process of creating valuable, relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage your audience.”  Content marketing is the key tool for any social media marketer, and what I would argue, also for any teen who is seeking the same acceptance and recognition by peers.  

Like teenagers, many brands are clones of others in their industry. But while teenagers are desperate to fit in, it’s the lazy side of marketing that drives “me, too” similarities.

Carrie Morgan

Environment is a risk when it comes to content marketing on social media, as well as trying to be known inside a populated high school.  Why is this? According to Stephen & Bart, authors of Social Media Marketing: Principles and Strategies, these environments are crowded. Therefore, there is a risk of being unnoticed or others simply being uninterested in what you have to offer.  

Below are 7 rules that can be applied to branded social media content or, as I stated, rules that can also apply to surviving those teenage years.

  1. Do Not Overtly Sell or Advertise
  2. Be Useful & Informative
  3. Be Positive, Upbeat, & Keep Communications Fairly Informal
  4. Do Not Ignore What the Audience Says
  5. Have Variety In Your Content
  6. Be Relevant to the Audience/Peers
  7. Be Relevant to the Brand/Yourself

These rules may seem too simple to be true, but the fact is that they work.  A study conducted by Sprout Social displayed a graph containing a sample of people who have stopped following brands or have remained disengaged and uninterested due to the company’s lack of utilizing these techniques.

So whether you are new to a marketing team and trying to develop a tactic that will help your brand be seen by your target market, or just a teenager who is trying to make themselves known in the middle of high school trends and drama, content marketing is the answer.  Don’t overtly sell or advertise your brand or yourself, no one likes dealing with the conceited jock who is constantly flexing their muscles in the middle of class.  Be useful and informative; apply yourself and show others what you have to offer.  Be positive and upbeat! Anyone can be willing to give you a chance if you prove yourself to be approachable and optimistic.  Don’t ignore what others have to say; acting like you don’t care what people say may seem to be the cool move at sixteen, but you will be sadly mistaken.  Have variety in your content; you are more than just a rebel, a princess, an outcast, a brain, or a jock (because who hasn’t seen The Breakfast Club), so don’t let others or yourself be defined by one thing.  Be relevant to your audience; your peers are also experiencing the same awkward moments that you are, even if some hide it better than others.  So, use that as an opportunity to relate to them and you may build more emotional connections than you thought. And above all, be relevant to the brand; which really is a reminder to be true to yourself.  Take it from a marketer in training, if your brand tries to imitate all the other brands or companies in the industry, you will only continue to struggle to look for that recognition and risk not reaching the target segment of consumers who will truly appreciate what you have to offer.  So embrace those unique quirks! Share that weird talent that you discovered you could do when you were ten! Being relevant to yourself and building your personal brand will help put yourself on the map!

The bottom line is that social media marketing and being a teen can be two very scary things.  Thankfully, using content marketing can alleviate that fear and turn it into a tool for confidence and success.  Now, surviving high school doesn’t have to be as embarrassing or confusing, but it probably still may be a little smelly. 


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  1. I really like how educational yet casual your post is. Asking questions is always a good way to keep the reader engaged, which you did an amazing job at. Overall, I really like the connection you made for the post. Great job!


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