Learning is fun!

What did you learn? I want four types of media. Paid, owned, and  earned media. Theses going to help you boost your social media by finding what media works best for you. Now it could be a combination of owned and earned media Or it could be a combination of paid and owned media. 

Paid media is any social media that is paid for by the company. This can include any social media advertising and any way to increase the reach of your content on social media platforms. owned media is any social media that the company can control. This can includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Paid media is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic. Earned media is any social media that the company does not directly control. This could be like word of mouth online, any mentions on Facebook or Twitter, and this could also include any reviews that anyone has left on a page. Earned media is coverage or promotion of your brand through organic means. It’s a very effective form of content marketing and is also the toughest media type to get. 

Now some of these can be combined like paid and owned media. For instance you aren’t doing too well on Facebook but there is a post that you really want everybody to see. You and the marketing manager can pay Facebook a fee to boost the number of people who can see your post. To me I find that very interesting that you can pay Facebook to have them boost your ad on Facebook some more people can see it. I wonder how it works because if you pay him to see and you don’t see the turn that you wanted to see then you won’t get your money back I would assume. If it works it would be pretty awesome to see that to see how well it boosts your post. That will be something I will definitely look into when I become a marketing manager. I am just super curious to know if it actually works or not. 

You can do a combination of owned and earned media. Now let’s say you post something on your Facebook account therefore it is your own media and it triggers big response from your audience. That would become in owned and earned media. One thing that would be super helpful would be having a contest on your Facebook in one way to enter that contest would have your audience tag friends or family in the comment section below so you can draw in more of an audience. That is one thing for sure that I will do when I step into office is doing a contest online for Facebook to draw more attention to the business. 

In conclusion, this class has taught me a lot and it’s remembering to use it when you get the job. There is a lot to remember but it’s good that you can be able to go and look back onto something to see if there is something you can do or if there’s something you forgetting that could help you become better. Now everything takes time and it won’t be a smooth road at first but it will all be worth it in the end. I can’t wait to use all of this knowledge that I have learned at my job.