Learning is fun!

What did you learn? I want four types of media. Paid, owned, and  earned media. Theses going to help you boost your social media by finding what media works best for you. Now it could be a combination of owned and earned media Or it could be a combination of paid and owned media.  Paid media is any social media that is paid for by … Continue reading Learning is fun!


Is paid advertising worth it?

Paid advertising. Is it worth it? I think so! Paid social media, display advertising, and search advertising are very large in internet advertising. Whether that is mobile or online formats.   Display advertising is the best form of digital advertising. Being able to put your ads on web pages that allow you to have them on there is pretty nice to boost webpage … Continue reading Is paid advertising worth it?

Social media build blocks

Building blocks of social media. Now you may be asking what are you talking about? What are the building blocks of social media? Well, let me tell you. From a communication perspective, people are connected to other people whether that is to marketers, companies, brands, or anything else in networks. We often talk about media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as social networks. We can … Continue reading Social media build blocks