Holy Wah!

I have a new found admiration AND respect for Social Media Marketing and the people who take the time to understand/teach/apply it. I realize now there is such a wide array of different components that go into a successful social media marketing plan. I really do feel like I’ve learned so much from this class. The textbook and online videos/podcasts were so insightful and helpful.

I do wonder how long this “social media age” will last? Is something new going to come around and completely wipe it out? Sounds like a cool episode of the Twilight Zone to me. People always say it, and it sounds so cliché, but humans from 1950 would have never believed where we are today in terms of technology and spending so much time and effort perfecting topics and jobs like social media and marketing. Makes me wonder what will come along next. Or is this it? Have we reached the peak of all technological advances? I could spiral into a whole black hole about the future, but we can save that for another blog ha! Something to think about for sure.

            Though eight weeks is such a short amount of time, and we only got to scratch the surface of this topic, I feel like I have a better understand on topics like managing communication, managing customers, what’s important and what isn’t, and tailoring your audits to make sure your data is something that is useful for your personal company. Like taking a multivitamin! What works for some might not work for all! I like how there isn’t one singular formula for every business to “work.” It takes a lot of trial and error and effort to find out what each business needs and uses. My favorite point that was made was to always keep the humanistic feel to everything. I think that is such an important aspect of an online world.

There is a very interesting article about communication online vs in person. Forbes Magazine says a lot of people prefer talking online rather than in person because you don’t have to go through the usual ice breakers, and you don’t have to worry about formalities. Online, you can get straight to the point.

In the realm of customer service, I found an article that says people tend to be a lot meaner on social media because it takes the real human behind the screen out of your immediate view. “This phenomenon is known as the disinhibition effect, or toxic disinhibition.” Dealing with overly harsh critics and rude customers is hard enough in person, but when you take it to a space where you lose the human contact it can just be BRUTAL. Making sure to maintain that personal connection behind a screen is imperative to success on both ends.

I am left with a few questions still about social media marketing. I feel like I could dive into more research on paid and earned media and more of the seeding technique. I know a lot of people who would love to promote their products and services on different social media accounts, but they aren’t sure at what point to start introducing these concepts, myself included. Can you start it right away? Or is it best to wait until you have more of a following to start sending out product to seeds? I guess just getting started is the hardest part. What if it flops? Do you curl up in ball and cry away your hopes and dreams or keep trying? Consistency seemed to be a huge part of success in this world no matter if you’re online or not.

I can’t wait to see if I ever get a chance to apply these techniques to my own business one day. It’s fun to think about maybe having a whole team working just for me and my own ideas. Maybe I can be on a team to help someone else’s business grow and thrive! The possibilities are endless and the future has yet to be written! (oooooo so inspirational) I believe everyone should take a class like this to have basic understandings of how social media marketing works and what people have to deal with on an everyday basis. It might help bring more understanding to the online world and how it works. Keeping with my “humanistic” theme, it was great to read everyone’s posts throughout the semester and learn from them! Seeing different perspectives and ideas is always always always helpful. Remember to stay kind online! ☺️

Social Media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage and build relationships.

David Alston




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  1. I also found a new respect for those in this industry. They are working non stop in an ever changing environment. There was definitely a lot more to learn than I thought.

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  2. That is so cool that you found a new admiration of social media advertising! I also do wonder how long the “social age” will last. I loved reading this.


  3. I strongly agree that there is still so much more we could learn about social media marketing but what we have learned will help us in the future. Very well written and love the title!


  4. Very nice title and very well written. The first sentences of each of the paragraphs were very attention grabbing.


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