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When people think of social media they think of talking to other people on social media and getting to see their favorite influencers on their favorite platforms. Everyone wants their favorite influencer to respond to them. When it comes to high end brands, it’s hard to get the brands to not respond to customers. But then again it is hard to get personalized responses from those brands. Normally it is just a robot responding with what the brand teleprompted the robot to say.

What does Social Media Customer Service mean?

Social media brands having customer service might mean that they have personalized responses and positive responses with their customers when then customer has a compliment or a problem/ concern with the company. When companies respond it shows that they care about their customers. It shows effectiveness when brands respond to people. It could be a person that really cares about a brand and the response from the brand could really effect their mental health in a good way and then it could also effect them in a negative way if they don’t respond or don’t get the respond that they were wanting. When the brand responds it shows that they have value for their customers or when they put out a discounts to value their customers it also shows that they care. Customers will reach out in a bunch of ways. In mentions, tags, and direct messages. It also shows that they care when brands provide feedback section on their website or storefront.

What Brands are good?

The brands that have good communicating skills with customers tend to have a good reputation. JetBlue shows a very good response time. For example, they responded back to a tweet 6 minutes after it was tweeted. I think that that shows that it is not just a robot but the message was personalized. They also always go the extra mile when it comes to their customers. For example, they saw a person that was on their first flight with them and ever and they congratulated her when she got off of the plane with the staff holding signs. Another brand that is good is Whole Foods. They provide good customer service in a different way. They provide recipes for people to make with their products that they sell to make more of a profit and a different way of advertising. They also will come up with a solution for when they get “bad” comments or complaint comments. I think that this is very important because when you are an angered customer, you want to get that confirmation that you have a solution to the anger you are having with the brand or company. The last example that I have of brands that are good with customer service is Xbox. They show great product knowledge for customers feedback, they engage with customers and they solve their problems as much as they can and as quickly as they can.

What brands are considered “Bad”?

One of the brands that stuck out was having poor customer service on social media was British Airways. They have very poor response time. For example, someone tweet a bad tweet about the airline and they did not get back to them for 8 hours. In that time it let that time it let the tweet go viral and other people had formed an opinion on British Airways just because they saw one tweet without back up. American Airlines is another airline that is not the best at customer service. They will respond to you and tag you but they will say the same message over and over again. Not getting anywhere with that customer. The last example that I have is kind of like the last one. Bank of America will give customers robotic responses and then claim that they are personalized. I think that good customer service is not hard to ask for. You are just catering to your online customers.

Customer Service vs Customer Care

Customer service and customer care are very similar but also are different. Customer service is just having a help center there just incase. Customer care is sending back personal messages and having customer support available 24/7 if you are an international brand. 


Typically the brands that have a great support team are the ones that are very personable and are very good understanding of their brand and their team works well together. Just because a brand doesn’t have a good customer service team does not mean that they are not a good brand. They could be short staffed and not have that many people deal with things like that. Customer service is a very hard field to work in but they will always end a conversation with a question… so what can I help you with?


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  1. Having personalized responses is definitely a positive when companies are replying to customer, I know for one it does indeed help with the customer experience. Your blog is great but on a side note I recommend adding some pictures to take away from the background as it can be quite visually boring to look at a white background during the entire reading.


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