How to get a 20th century business into the 21st century

“The 20th (twentieth) century began on January 1, 1901, and ended on December 31, 2000. It was the tenth and final century of the 2nd millennium”

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I am investigating starting a WordPress blog for BC Autobody and Black Creek Auto Sales. Owner of both, Steve Knorr “Our online presence is nonexistent, if someone has the time to help us out, I would be grateful”.

A WordPress blog would provide an easy way to keep customers and others up to date on industry trends and standards for BC Autobody and would provide pictures and descriptions of cars currently for sale at Black Creek Auto Sales (updated as soon as new cars come available, providing ample content).

The hope is to attract current and new customers to the blog and facilitate word of mouth advertising. To start, employee outreach would probably be the best way to promote the blog.

BC Autobody is an excellent source for industry experts and blogs are trusted sources for accurate and up to date information. Potential for expansive B2B marketing with local businesses such as towing companies, mechanical services, vehicle storage and similar automotive business in and around Black Creek.

Although it takes a significant amount of time to publish enough posts to pay off, the pay off could be potentially huge. The turnover of vehicles for sales provides ample content.

To start small, setting goals for the number of visitors and potential leads would be extremely valuable. The audience for the autobody portion of the business is very targetable since they provide fleet/truck repair, and personal car/truck insurance repairs. The vehicle sales portion would be a much wider audience.

Since I have built a web page (WordPress) for my husband’s home auto body side hustle through NWTC (which has since been removed from their server – see class description below), I could build upon what I learned there about branding and color schemes, categories, including pictures and videos.

“10-135-155 WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (WordPress CMS) install, configure and customize using themes and plugins. Analyze security, user management, blog usage and mobile development. Develop using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. (Prerequisite: 10-135-150, Web Graphic Design)” – need sign in information to connect

Current employees could brainstorm topics based on work they are currently completing and any questions from current customers. The auto sales portion could brainstorm topics on current vehicles and customer related questions.

Types of blog posts

Behind the scenes blog posts would be fascinating for anyone who ever wonder how auto body and painting is done. Frequently asked questions would be interesting too. Success stories would also be a great highlight. Tutorials WOULD NOT WORK! You don’t want people doing this kind of work (fleet/truck repair or car/truck repair) themselves.

Blog post titles would be fairly obvious, what kind of work or vehicle is the blog about? And photos would take the place of 1,000 words. A massive truck with major damage next to the same massive truck with a flawless paint job might be worth 10,000 words. Again, this is a very targeted audience.

Blog Introduction

An introduction problem to grab attention would be a damaged or rusted vehicle or tool or piece of equipment (or in any other way in need of repair) and what BC Autobody can do to help you resolve your particular problem, based on the repair in need. They have definitely done some unique things. Some of the off the wall items include a personalized coffin (no pics for obvious reasons), a Captain Morgan statue (the spiked rum logo), and a replica of the front end of the car from Grease for local high school musical productions are among some of the more unusual items. 

Since it is such a specialized industry keywords are plentiful. In-line images are incredibly important to show what projects they have worked on and how their final results turned out.

Call to Action

In the case of BC Autobody and Black Creek Auto Sales, this web blog would be the call to action since there is no other web page. They have two Facebook pages “B C Autobody” and “BC Autobody”, but they have not been updated regularly and as a matter of fact some of the posts to their Facebook were made by me and my husband. As their online presence and social media marketing efforts increase changes can be made to include a web page, increase their Facebook posts and research any additional appropriate social media marketing platforms.


Wish me luck!


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