Social media Marketing Lessons Learned


 I remember my first year at NWTC panicking at writing a five hundred word paper, or any paper at all considering it was not what I enjoyed. However, through these past years I have become used to writing and actually quite enjoy it now. I have learned the key is to find an interesting connection to the topic and utilize some brainstorming and outlining. This class has taught me many things that I will continue to use throughout my career.

I have learned how to manage social media pages through hootsuite tools. Recently I have designed social media content for Green Bay Cares Ukraine fundraiser event and understanding how social media functions was very helpful. I created their Facebook page, profile cover and background, and event post linked to their eventbrite page. I also have really enjoyed learning more about marketing. One of the biggest takeaways as a graphic designer is that the design never begins with colors, photos or typography but with the target audience.

“Defining a target audience is one of the most important tasks. It is the foundation of building your focus working group.”

The point of marketing is to help your audience see the value and need that they have for what your company is offering. This has been a game changer in my design work and understanding and reaching of the clients’ audience as well. I now try to utilize research of my audience before starting any design work, this helps my design work to be more effective. Your friends and people you know well have a huge impact on what you come to value, this is why utilizing peoples connections through social media can have a large impact. I found it fascinating learning about a hub’s small important similarities and how that affects their buying habits.

       For example our group chose to research and organize a social media audit for Vintage Wonderland Market. Vintage Wonderland Market is a local antique store in Green Bay that has a rare variety of antiques organized by section of all time eras.I discovered that more than 80% of their audience were females, married, moms and lived locally in Green Bay. This specific audience also liked other local stores such as Hey Daisy, and Willow clothing store. These stores were very good about displaying their communities support for their business. Showing business support humanized their company and made connections with their audience easier. The audience at Vintage Wonderland Market has many similarities that are connected and can be used by marketers to further help them find other products that would improve their lives.

   I have enjoyed reading and gaining new perspectives of how others view current trends, news and events. This has made me think differently than before, putting myself in someone else’s shoes. I have enjoyed reading through the blog or discussion boards. As I discover and learn more about social media and its ever changing features a question comes to mind. What are some of your favorite resources and tools for keeping up with trends? I’m always on social media which is my main intake of trends and news, but this class has also taught me to look at other news sites as well. What do you use to keep track of your own work productivity? It’s been fun being in class with you all, I wish you the best moving forward.

2 thoughts on “Social media Marketing Lessons Learned

  1. The websites we used for the discussion posts were absolutely helpful and a good resource going forwards! I need to add them all into my bookmarks before the class is over for sure.

    It was fun to do Wonderland for the group project! I feel like they had a lot of really cool data to sort through and learn from. Looks like we all found a couple cool new places to shop too 😉


  2. Great post Kate! It was a pleasure to work with both you and AJ for the project. I wish you the best with the future that is ahead of you.


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