Fisheye view of social media

                To better explain the title, when I say “fisheye view” I’m referencing a fisheye lens which is a wider angled lens comparted to a regular lens. So, this is a wide angled view of social media from my own perspective (I do not have fisheyes unfortunately, that would be cool though). I will break this viewpoint into two parts, personal and professional.

                Social Media to me has always been a crazy thing to think about, a collective area where thousands to millions of ideas go to clash and collaborate. Being a younger individual, there’s always been some type of social media, and I feel as though social media takes away some energy of having genuine friendships. For example, most of the people I add back on Facebook I hardly ever talk to, nor do I really have anything to talk about with them, but friends I made in person we could talk for hours about anything. I suppose what I am trying to say is that social media is this giant that just shadows over an individual person and its kind of intimidating, you could collect upwards of a thousand plus friends but to interact with each one even over the course of a month seems so tiring. Overall, I would say it is something at least to be able to have the option to talk to an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

The part I mainly use social media for is to see what is going on with the world. I typically use twitter for social media and my favorite thing to see on there is what trending, as they have a whole tab dedicated to what’s trending in the world and they got separate categories for stuff like sports and entertainment. It allows you to even learn of new stuff that you may have thought impossible, for example I had no clue how far AI technology has been developed till I saw people were able to duplicate voices with only around two minutes of recorded dialogue! It’s generally stuff like that I like to see, and its kind of like spinning a wheel, some of it will be bad news and some of it good.

                From the other side of the fish, we have the professional perspective. Professionally, social media is immensely important, it can allow you to lay down a very supportive foundation for an individual or a company. Social media is such a Swiss army knife for the professional world. In terms of marketing, social media will allow you to do so much stuff to improve your brand and you wouldn’t even have to spend a penny on advertising anything, all it would cost is time. For me personally, social media allows me to put my resume/portfolio out there for everyone to see, especially on linked inn. Now I haven’t really got any offers I am looking for, but I can see that people might be looking for someone like me or I could even get an opportunity to do something a little bit outside of what I’m going for.

                Overall, social media is a giant, it can easily overshadow you, but the benefits of it professionally are grand.


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  1. I love the “fisheye view” term, that is an amazing example of social media. Great blog! 🙂


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