Customer Service is Important!

Have you ever worked in customer service before ? If so I know how you feel about good and bad customer service. Customer service is very important and also important on social media. Social media is a big thing for businesses, they get all of their reviews and information for the internet. Some good experiences I have had with customer service is I was at a restaurant and the waitress had messed up my food order, I politely asked if I could get the right thing she then was very sweet about it and got me my right food then took my meal off of the bill since she had messed it up. I work in a restaurant so I think that was very good customer service. What do you think? Another good thing about customer service that I had witnessed at my job was a table had left without paying so that means that the server at that had that table has to pay for the tables bill. I don’t think that’s very fair. But that has something good about customer service because instead of getting angry like she should have she just paid it and the people eventually came back to pay their bill. Another good thing about customer service is that sometimes it can be hard to give good customer service when you are a very busy place and even when places are busy they still give their customer good service which just shows how important they are to the workers. Now some bad customer service is not caring about your customers not giving them the full attention that they come to your place for. How mad would you be if you went to a restaurant and it took 1 hour to even get your drink? pretty mad so that is a sign that you are getting bad customer service. A second bad thing about customer service is sometimes it isn’t always your waitresses fault sometimes the food in the kitchen is backed up or they are very busy but if they don’t attend to you while you are waiting for this food to be ready that is bad customer service. One last thing is is if they get upset and you for something you did because they gave bad service. For instance if your service was horrible you wouldn’t give them a big tip and they get mad and it’s their fault they got a bad tip that is bad customer service. At my job social media is a big thing because that is what brings people in. They see things on social media that might catch their eye and want to go try. Social media is big to anyone that has a business because most people will look the place up to see what its about before going in so if you have bad reviews people are most likely not going to come to your place.

In this article it explains why social media with customer service is important –

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So do you think customer service is important ? and is it good for social media? Because I think good customer service is a very good thing and is so important. Also for social media so that they get a lot more people coming to their business and that means more money for them!


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  1. I think customer service is very important, since it can impact a customers image of the business.


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