Use your best face on Social Media!

An essential marketing tool for businesses today is Social Media. Customers depend on social media platforms to find answers to their questions, provide feedback on businesses, and to receive guidance. Years ago, people would make a phone call or send an email, however in today’s world most people prefer Social Media platforms. The goal for businesses is to give customers top quality customer service. A few benefits of quality customer service on social media include retaining customers, increasing customer service lifetime value, strengthening your company’s culture, and boosting employee retention.

Examples of Good Quality Service on Social Media

  1. Jet Blue Airlines

Airlines receive a lot of criticism, but how they handle it can be extremely important to retain their customers. Lots of airlines have been known for their bad customer service on social media, but Jet Blue has taken notes on what not to do. They deal with customers quickly and patiently in a fun and friendly way. Their team consists of a marketing team, communications team, and customer commitment team, putting them over the top. For example:

@Alexa_Burrows tweeted @Jetblue about being upset at having to go home and (jokingly) asked for a parade to greet her at her gate, the @Jetblue Twitter team sent the tweet over to the airport that Alexa would be landing at. 

And what did that airport’s customer service do?? 

The Airport’s customer service team held her a little welcome home parade!

They are awesome for going above and beyond! It is always refreshing to see positive social media, especially with an airline.

2. Whole Foods Market

They have an impressive 4.83 million followers on twitter. Whole Foods got to this number by engaging with customers, and going above and beyond by posting informational blog posts, tips, advice on food prep and cooking, and delicious recipes.

If there was a Whole Foods Market nearby, I would follow them! Actually, I may anyways. I love advice on food prep and new recipes.

3. Delta Hotels

Mike McCready tweeted that, while he liked his room at the Delta, the view wasn’t so nice. He wasn’t asking for anything, however within an hour Delta responded by offering a room with a better view and when he returned to his room he found sweets and a handwritten note from the staff. He was so impressed that he later tweeted about it.

I am suprised how this company went above and beyond to make this customer satisfied. It actually makes me want to go and try them out.

Examples of Bad Customer Service

  1. British Airways

They are known for bad customer service.

The customer above tweeted this after they lost his father’s suitcase. It took the airline 8 hours to respond. Their issue is that their customer service team/response team only runs from 9-5. Although, when a company runs 24/7, they should always have someone there to provide a response.

2. American Airlines

They are also known for bad customer service. For example, they have automatic responses to tweets at them that don’t even make sense.

Automated responses are not ideal for a business, as it gives people the impression that they don’t actually care.

Have you ever heard that a customer is always right? This is a great moto for companies to live by. Customers are always going to complain about something, and even though it can be irritating, it also can be a great learning tool. Any company that wants to have a successful social media account should always respond in a timely manner, take responsibility, be kind, take public conversations private, and maybe even take the extra mile sometimes to satisfy a customer.


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  1. Nice job on the blog post! I agree automated messages are not great, people like a more personal approach. I have traveled with American airlines and its not great service but usually cheap flights.


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