Customer Service on social media…It’s Important!

Customer service is essential, with more than half of the world’s population active on social media. Social media makes it easier for brands to interact with their customers or potential customers. It allows for quick response times since people are more likely to check their social media platforms than their emails. Customers are also more likely to trust what others say about a brand, product, or service on social media.

When scrolling through social media, I love reading the comment sections and seeing how active brands are. The comment section on any social media platform is a great place to provide customer service. When a customer leaves a negative comment on a brand’s post, social media allows them to address those comments publicly. Those comments might even lead to private messages for further assistance. Responding to comments left by unsatisfied customers shows them that you, as a company, care about their concerns.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Bill Gates

A small business, TBNation, is an excellent example of a company with outstanding customer service on social media. They are more active on Facebook than they are on any other platform. They have their business profile and created a group associated with their business account. The business profile is used more for selling their products and for promotions. Their Facebook group page allows group members to support each other during their boat builds/refurbishing. The company does a great job utilizing that group to answer any questions about its products. If there are questions about a specific build process, they will post video tutorials to show their process. They also have a wide variety of Youtube videos that allow them to post longer videos. They then share the link to these videos in the group to keep people informed and create a more significant showing on all the social media platforms.

Rare Beauty is a cosmetic brand that is highly active on social media. They do a great job of engaging with their customers or future customers. Not only do they respond to customer concerns, but they also respond to customers that love their products. They respond to almost every comment that people leave, not just the ones they can use for future advertisements. Excellent customer service online is not only about addressing concerns; it’s about supporting customers and asking for their feedback.

An example of bad customer service on social media would be not responding to customer concerns. That would lead to the customer complaining about the brand’s customer service or lack thereof. Another example would be responding with a rude and defensive attitude. Brands should remember that the world is watching, and that will cause them to lose their customer’s trust. Also, brands should take their time to find the issue and the best solution.

Customer service means that a company will go above and beyond to make a customer or future customer happy while being cautious, so they are not taken advantage of. Social media makes it easy for companies to gain their customers’ trust, and just as quickly, they can lose it. When responding to their customers, they should think about choosing their words carefully to avoid people misinterpreting their message. Below is a link to a blog with good tips on creating a social customer service strategy.


4 thoughts on “Customer Service on social media…It’s Important!

  1. I agree, seeing companies actively reply in the comments is always interesting to see.


  2. I agree with you on how it is important! Some big companies do very good jobs at making sure their social media is up to date and working well. Nice job!


  3. Rare beauty, I love their products and online shop for their products. They do an awesome job at social media. I do love reading all the comments and reviews online, honestly that’s what I base most of my purchases on.


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