What makes good customer service

I feel like customer service is always a make-or-break deal especially if you work in sales  I have had many good and bad customer service moments. In this blog, you will hear some of my experiences with good and bad customer service and what is good and bad customer service to me. 

One example of bad customer service I had was at Walgreens in Chicago about to cash out I ask the cashier if I can run to my car and go get chains real quick because I didn’t want to carry chains. Use people just say yea sure but this old lady wasn’t not having it and demanded that I hand over my 20 because she don’t have time to deal with that. I was taken off carried when she said this to me so I didn’t pay for my stuff and I left that was the worst customer service moment I ever experience. I feel like the Walgreens cashier could have handled this differently by not making it a big deal and saying something like “ sure I’ll set your stuff onto the side until you get back”.But I have had moments when I experience a lot of good customer service and one example of that for me is when I was putting insurance on to my car I thought the agent that was helping me set up was very patient and nice. She walked me through everything and didn’t sound annoyed when I was asking a lot of questions. Another good example of good customer service is chick-fil-a I picked them because they are the only fast food place that has good customer service in the bay.  But I feel like a business that needs customer service is salespeople because to be a good salesperson you need customer service which is being there for the customer at the beginning and end of the sale. So I feel like if you need to show customer service on social media it should be the same as if you were talking to that customer in person I just feel like customer service means is to listen and being overly helpful. This could include friendliness, and clarity of speech so the customer won’t have a hard time hearing you, quick service is nice because you sound like you know what you’re talking about and the customer won’t feel like you’re holding them up. I really do feel like these customer service steps are the key to making happy and long last relationships with customers. 

The 4 Types of Customer Service and How to Use Them