The Dangers of Leaving Customers Hanging

It’s always important to respond to customer complaints. If your customers feel ripped off and you don’t respond to the situation, customers are still gonna feel ripped off and will want to shop less from you. If you respond to them in a positive manner, it can make them feel like you care for them. This leads to customers becoming more loyal to that brand because they make them feel like they matter.

One time, my mom bought a Digiorno cheese pizza with cheese stuffed crust for $11 and she was quite disappointed in it. She posted on Twitter how she felt and Digiorno actually replied to her post and sent her 2 Digiorno coupons as an apology. This made her feel much better and she’ll likely have better faith in Digiorno improving their pizza.

This can be applied to video games as well. In a YouTube video on video games that were unbeatable due to developer stupidity, most companies would respond to customer complaints on the broken games by apologizing and sending a patched copy of the game that would fix the problem. One company that didn’t do this was EA with their Madden NFL 06 game for PSP. If you played the full-franchise mode, there was a game crashing bug that shut the handheld device off and would erase all of your progress. When EA received complaints on the matter, they responded by telling players to “Deal with it.” Actions such as these don’t make EA look good at all. No one wants to play a broken game and they’re gonna want their money back if the game isn’t fixed. The link to the video explaining such broken games can be found here:

Even if you can’t resolve such complaints, it’s important to at least respond to the customer’s complaint to acknowledge the problem and apologize. If a customer is left waiting for a response, it feels the same as not getting a response at all. Even if they still receive a solution to their problem, they’re still gonna feel ripped off for having to wait. The sooner, the better.

I think car manufacturers could use social media to issue recalls on car parts that might have a problem which can prevent accidents from the bad parts. This will allow them to look like they’re putting the safety of their customers above all else.


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  1. 100% accurate. If companies refuse to get with the times and have customer service available on their social media platforms, they will definitely lose customers.


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