Excellent and Unpleasant Customer Service

Customer service is all about matching customer expectations. Whether you’re a corporation with support teams around the world, or a rookie entrepreneur working from home it is important to always be engaged. Being involved with customers doesn’t have to include communicating with them every day, but being attentive to the customers needs in which can help grow any company. It involves taking the time to fully comprehend a customer’s problem and then demonstrating your interest in them.

“Make every interaction count. Even the small ones. They are all relevant.” – Shep Hyken

Customers only give a business one chance, and if they are not satisfied, they will tell others about their experience and not do business with that company again. As a result, Amazon is considered to have the best customer service, and I couldn’t agree more. Customers always want to find the product they’re looking for, and amazon will have it in stock. The dedication of Amazon’s Customer Service team to preventing and promptly resolving issues for consumers has earned them numerous honors. It’s also quite obvious that if you have any questions, all you need to do is click the customer service tab, and I’ll pretty much answer them all.

Controversial Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is essential for success in today’s competitive marketplace. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and others are now being used more and more as a route for client complaints. In order to avoid facing the anger of their customers’ complaints and critiques becoming viral, businesses must act quickly to avoid getting “canceled”. One of the most recent examples of customer service I’ve seen on social media is the response from Balenciaga on Instagram following their scandal.

Conflict around Balenciaga: Why is the company being canceled?

As many people are aware, Balenciaga is one of the most well-known luxury companies in the business and has a history of collaborating with the biggest celebrities. It all began with a divisive campaign that the Spanish fashion brand unveiled on November 16 under the name Balenciaga Gift Shop. The campaign included pictures of young girls holding bags that resembled stuffed animals dressed in bondage attire. After releasing the strange and sinister promotional photos, it was immediately accused of overly sexualized children, which led to a major international scandal. Following that, viewers who returned to read the posts noticed another picture of an hourglass bag with a table containing copies of a 2008 Supreme Court decision about child pornography underneath it. Numerous customers and users of social media, including famous people who work for Belenciaga, were angered by this scandal. Balenciaga was left with no other option than to apologize, which is one of the top five principles of excellent customer service.

Post from @balenciaga on Friday, December 2 at 2:30 PM.

Unfortunately, businesses frequently make mistakes, but this is one of the worst ones I’ve witnessed, and it goes beyond simply mishandling the promotion of a luxury handbag. A simple apology does not excuse many pornographic and child sex assault images.

In conclusion

A positive customer experience can influence how customers view a business. Furthermore, it builds loyalty. Giving clients a prompt response whether they have a question or a problem, demonstrating that they are appreciated, will go a long way.





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  1. Wow-the Balenciaga story is chilling. Anything that even hints at sexualizing children is gross. This is another example of intentional controversy for financial gain. When I recognize this phenomenon I tell my brain to let go of it and not give it any space in my head. I intentionally avoid products from such companies, as much as is possible. I become ‘unsold’.


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