End of the Year Goal to Sell More Calendars

When it comes to my personal brand, Sadie Cheyenne, I plan on utilizing more social media marketing campaigns to achieve specific goals. According to Charello, “a social media marketing campaign is a coordinated social media marketing effort to communicate with a target audience to achieve a marketing or business goal.” I like the perspective Meltwater has on social media campaigns when they state they’re “a slice of a larger social media content strategy.”

For the past 3 years, I have been selling calendars that feature my nature and wildlife photography. Every year, I have sold them to people I know. I’ve also had repeat customers year after year, which I appreciate, but I want to go beyond selling them to family and friends. This year, I had the goal of expanding my market, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

My campaign wasn’t planned out on paper, I just had social marketing ideas that were different than previous years went with them. I started by making a post on October 14th on my Facebook business page that asked my followers to comment if they’re interested and to let me know if they would like a desk or a wall calendar. I wanted to try asking my followers for input and seeing if a question would lead to more engagement as our readings suggested it might. I made this post on a Friday at 11am and it received very little engagement. Two of my repeat customers commented, but that’s it.

I made my second post regarding my calendar almost exactly a month later. When I made this post, I had just got done ordering my first batch of calendars and showcased the calendar cover as the visual for my post. I provided the dimensions for the two different sizes, pointed out some new features my previous years’ calendars didn’t have, gave the price for the two different options and informed people how to contact me if they want one. I carried the same message to my Instagram account, but added a couple preview images of different months to make the post different on IG than it was on Facebook.

On November 19th, when my calendars arrived, I made a reel showcasing what the calendars look like. This is my first year using a reel to try and bring awareness to the calendars I am selling. It reached 284 people and was viewed an average of 2 seconds. It did not help to bring about any new customers.

On Friday, November 25th around 1:30pm, I published a video I made of me talking about the calendars. This is something new for me. I’ve never made a video of myself showcasing a product before. I don’t particularly like the idea of being on screen talking, but the readings we have done for this course and the fact that video outperforms other posts motivated me to give it a shot. I know my single video isn’t necessarily a vlog, but I liked the idea of presenting my calendar in an authentic manner and informing my viewers of some of the stories behind the images. Charello states vlogs are popular because they give viewers a real look into the lives of people and “there is no hiding behind written words on a page, and Vloggers are authentic, inspirational and appealing.” I have a parrot at home that likes to scream over me when I talk, and there are a few different points in the video where he is yelling over me and I have to stop talking and acknowledge him. My husband convinced me to leave that in because it gives people a look into my world and what I deal with daily. He also thought it was funny. I ended up leaving it in because I do think it makes me come across as more human. And it wasn’t super distracting; I was able to get back to my focus, the calendar, quickly.

“There is no hiding behind written words on a page, and Vloggers are authentic, inspirational and appealing.”

Michelle Charello

I made what I think might be my final post regarding the calendar on Monday at 10:00am. It was mixed in with other art I have for sale right now, so it wasn’t the sole focus of the post. I also made the post on Instagram but changed the formatting of some of the images I included to better fit IG’s size constraints.

While I did advertise my product differently on social media this year, I didn’t end up attracting any new calendar buyers. When I take a moment and reflect on my goals, I wanted to create more brand awareness but also conversions, aka, selling the calendar to some new customers that are not family or friends. When reviewing Charello’s AIDA model, I feel I created attention and interest to some degree but missed out on bringing about the desire and action parts of the model. Next year I plan on having a more formal social media marketing campaign planned out in a spreadsheet with a contest tied to the campaign. People love free or discounted stuff, and I am thinking I could offer either a percentage off a photography session or a drawing for free calendar to those who share my calendar posts. This was a learning experience for sure.


Charello, M. (2022). Essentials of social media marketing. Stukent Publishing.





6 thoughts on “End of the Year Goal to Sell More Calendars

  1. This blog is super genuine and, as such, inspirational. With social media I often feel I am spinning my wheels and ineffective. I like how you have kept plugging on in spite of the difficulties in achieving your goal. I think your idea of outlining a campaign on paper is a good one.


    1. Thanks Skip. It was a little disappointing, but I did learn a lot in this course and next year I’ll definitely map out my overall strategy and campaign more.


  2. I hope your able to get some new customers once next year rolls around! Have you considered using the promote feature on Facebook? I’m not sure how much it cost to do it, but it definitely gets your page more reach based off all the different pages I see being promoted on Facebook.


    1. Thank you! I’ve considered boosting one of the posts, but I just didn’t get around to it yet. This course helped me realize organic reach is dying and if I want to reach new people I should be paying for some ads.


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