The good, the bad & the UGLY.

Everybody has seen or experienced good or bad customer service at one point in their lives. 67% of consumers now turn to social media for their customer service needs. (Kapusta, 2018) Throughout this post, I will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to customer service on social media. I will also discuss the pros and cons of customer service on social media.

Incorporating customer service into your social media strategy is no longer optional. Exceptional customer service can be–and often is–a significant factor in determining which companies succeed and which companies fail.

Jonathan Steiman

The good:

Netflix is a great example of good customer service on social media. Netflix support is super attentive and responsive when it comes to its customers. Their social media engagement strategy is built around jokes, memes and they are witty, humoristic and clever when it comes to their responses.

Pros to Netflix’s social media presence; they tailor their content to the customers. Netflix has different accounts for each country it operates in. They answer within a “timely” manner and give resolutions to situations customers are experiencing.

Cons to Netflix’s social media presence; on June 30, 2022, Netflix silently deactivated their twitter account and vanished without a trace. With the missing social media presence, they are giving way to their competitors like Hulu or Disney+.

The bad:

The picture above accurately depicts bad customer service. When you hear the term “customer service” you think 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right? Well according to British Airways that doesn’t exist. This, among other reasons can result in loss of business. Below is a list of cons to customer service.

  • Rude or condescending
  • Not taking responsibility
  • Not responding to customers
  • Promising things you can’t follow through with
  • Not following up
  • Not having enough staff to cover all customer service needs

The ugly:

Need I say more about either of the two photos above? The owner of this business clearly doesn’t know the meaning of professionalism. Talking in that type of manner with paying customers (especially one who spent over $200) will only cause the business to lose customers and money. Personally, I would rather pay more for great customer service than pay decent or low price for mediocre personalities.


Throughout this post, I have discussed the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to customer service on social media. Social media is a huge part of companies business today and it’s not going anywhere. The advantages of running a social media page for customer service outweighs the disadvantages, but only if you can keep up and post according to your audience. As heard all over, “the customer is ALWAYS right”.


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  1. You hit the nail spot on! I can most certainly relate to delayed messaging, endless wait times, and being ignored or “put down” for simply asking questions.


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