Social Media Customer Service

Social Media’s Importance in Customer Service

  • Brand loyalty
  • Publicity
  • Additional customer service channels
  • Become informed on market trends
  • Brand loyalty

Excellent Customer Service

  • Putting the support contact information in plain sight on the website and/or using chatbots that are available around-the-clock
  • Ensuring that the information on the website is accurate and current.
  • Putting a focus on prompt quick responses.
  • Having skilled, assured salespeople.
  • To ensure that the transfer is successful, offer to remain on the line until it is finished.
  • Emphasis on problem-solving.
  • Avoiding overuse of technical lingo. 
  • Use the appropriate words and tone to engage clients and make the conversation feel less daunting.
  • Communications on social media are receptive, timely, accurate, truthful, and constructive.
  • Building a comprehensive knowledge base to enable users to find answers on their own time
  • Having SLAs that are distinctly specified will help to assure consistency

Negative Customer Service

  • Customers are posting reviews of companies online, whether they are raving or yelling, and whether the companies are paying attention or not.
  • Despite all the buzz about how social media keeps people connected, it is not really social. Social media and text messaging have turned people into digital zombies.
  • Retail technology in the form of self-service or contactless purchases may have made it more convenient for the customer, but it eliminated the human connection.
  • The experiences for many people are not full of good examples of emotional intelligence, body language or verbal communication that only face-to-face interactions can teach.
  • Having not experienced good examples of communication, collaboration or relationship-building skills, you can’t entrust the employees to take care of the customers

Suggestions for Businesses

  • These days, social media is so useful that clients might as well file a complaint there rather than contact you directly. They may interact with your brand more easily as a result.
  • When employees reply to them, brand engagement increases. This has a favourable impact on fostering client loyalty. It improves your reputation as a socially responsible brand when people engage with your brand on social media. This is important for developing an emotional bond with them.
  • To remain on top of social engagement, which will eventually enhance brand exposure and engagement, you can also use social media tools.
  • You can strategically organise your marketing initiatives with a social media customer care plan. Your solutions act as a sort of product advertisement when clients discuss specific concerns. You talk about the characteristics and capabilities of your product while providing solutions.
  • Anyone who reads every comment would undoubtedly retain a rudimentary understanding of your industry. Additionally, people learn more about your product when they read your solutions.
  • Readers of your social media posts can range from new users to qualified prospects for your product.
  • The more channels you give your audience, the more engaged a consumer is, the better. Different customer segments are served by every social media network. You could participate in professional networks through LinkedIn. It would be their personal network via Facebook. You may appeal to a younger audience with Instagram.
  • Given the growing popularity of social media, I wouldn’t be shocked if in the future all customer service is handled through these channels. Use social media management tools for maximum visibility on social media.
  • You can keep track of all the postings that have been made regarding a certain subject in your industry by following a hashtag.




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  1. Hi, I liked reading your article. I agree that maintaining social engagement will increase brand awareness and reach over time. Very good article.


  2. Hey! I really like the formatting of your positive and negative customer services. And I like how you said that people learn more about your product/company if response levels are high.


  3. Hey there! When brands have multiple channels they develop more opportunities to communicate with their customers and fix the problems before they become too public.


  4. I agree with your points of negative and positive customer service. I also really like how you made them bullet points instead of a paragraph.


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