Are YouTube Advertisements Overlooked?

By Henry Gabrielsen

Social media is essential to me because my future career and business will require social media to succeed. In the business world today, companies need websites and readily available information online to provide alternative buying experiences. I feel that YouTube withholds potential that lots of businesses are unaware of. According to YouTube, YouTube advertisements are more effective than TV advertisements. By using geographical filters to advertise, I think companies would be able to market niche groups and increase sales. YouTube is also a great platform for link placement and inviting consumers to a shopping website. I learned previously that by offering consumers multiple purchasing formats on things like Pinterest, Instagram, and their website, they can receive more sales. I think that it’s correspondingly important that a company maintains the same styling on all platforms for simplicity and to improve consumer brand recognition. I’ve learned that a negative aspect of social media is that it takes away the personal touch of a real business’s location. I feel that uploading YouTube advertisements or channel videos can give a more human and unique feeling to a brand. The amount of videos consumed online is a growing number annually and videos are becoming increasingly in demand. Similarly, I’d argue for a business to have the most immediate success, they’d need to begin advertising on YouTube through paid promotion. If the company were to strive for a long-term success initiative, then they’d want to construct a YouTube channel to upload regularly to build a larger online reach.

Interestingly, according to Statista, the average age of podcast listeners is thirty-four years old. To me, this means that podcasts are a good media stream to reach middle-aged men and women. Podcasts are effective because many reach relatively equal male and female listeners resulting in a more effective promotion for many brands. An idea that could work for some companies would be creating a YouTube podcast channel where they showcase their brand alongside others. An example could be a rock-climbing equipment business that would talk about rock-climbing current events with guest rock-climbing professionals all while showcasing their gear within the video. By creating dual-purpose media that can be watched or listened to, companies may receive higher engagement and even reach more viewers. Lastly, I would repent the importance and effectiveness that influencers have on social media content. By using influencers that have already built niche target market consumer group followings, companies can leverage the fan bases to sell more products. For example, Alex Honnold is a world-famous rock climber, and he has a following of over two point five million. If companies leveraged mega influencers like Alex Honnold, they’d receive immediate results while building upon long-term success. To conclude, I think YouTube ads are better than any other platform because they have based on search results, consumer data, and geographical placement. YouTube is a trustworthy source for many and it achieves successful advertising results. In the future, I hope that I get to market a business that I work with on YouTube.

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  1. Good work! Oddly enough, I enjoy seeing YouTube Ads because they’re tailored to me. Especially, if I click on an add I see fit, more of those types will show to me. It’s a great way to read new information and do more research.


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