Customer Service VS Social Media

Customer Service on Social Media. What happens when your laundry soap starts to drip from around the pour spout, and now you have a mess to clean up? Or when that card you ordered 2 weeks ago still hasn’t shown up? With about 72% of Americans who use social media and 75% of the world that is older than 13 years old using social media; most are going to go to their phones and share their experience with the world. Most are going to go to the product or services page and contact them directly on the social media they feel most comfortable with, and watch out for the hashtags! You might see something like this:

Some other companies may give you a link to their customer service, and some may even try to speak with you right on social media. One business I feel handles customers’ complaints very well is P&G. It may be the fact that I used to work for P&G customer services and know more than I ever should, or that we weren’t called customer service, we were called brand ambassadors and that really stuck. Some of the major challenges I went through with this company really gave me respect for them. There was the Pampers “Dry Max” burns in 2007, Charmin shortening the length of the rolls in 2008, and not to mention anytime “extreme couponers” do a rerun there is an increase in calls. However, P&G was always prepared and always handled each case individually and gave the “brand ambassador the right tools and how to escalate appropriately. 

Then there is bad customer service, and that always has individual views as well. Can you think of your worst customer service experience, I’ll be honest I can’t. Most of mine is just understanding the person tbh. But there is one that I can always rely on seeing comments about… airlines. I mean there is nothing worst than traveling and then having poor customer service while traveling. Maybe it’s short-shaffed, maybe putting other clientele over others, law enforcement mindset, or maybe it’s because you NEED them that continues bad reviews of customer service keep happening. Kaveh Waddell (2017) says, “United’s contract of carriage, which lays out how the airline will treat its passengers, outlines how passengers might be “denied boarding involuntarily”: The priority of all other confirmed passengers may be determined based on a passenger’s fare class, itinerary, the status of frequent-flyer program membership, and the time in which the passenger presents him/herself for check-in without an advanced seat assignment.” Which is kinda scary. I feel that airlines could really learn to be more customer friendly and reflect on the want of the consumer. To complete this one thing they should implement is everyone is equal. Also, the good ‘ol treat others how you want to be treated. Lastly, maybe look at some of the retraining law enforcement is trying to make mandatory and implement it in their security services. 


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  1. I think the title of Brand Ambassador is a powerful title. It feels like so much more than just doing customer service. It creates a sense of accountability.


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