Thinking to myself… and then sharing it on the internet 

Here we are! Being completely vulnerable… online. What a crazy, scary, expressional, and creative place. While you’re here maybe you want to know my thoughts on social media and other internet-related things. Well, I personally ONLY have a (that’s one) Facebook account. Don’t get me wrong I have experimented with others; MySpace, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTude, oh ya I think I even had a Twitter. My experience with these things at the time was harmless, I thought. However throughout the years and took away each social media app from my phone I have found more time! Don’t get me wrong I’m still a procrastinator but I fill more of my time with meaningful things. A LOT of family time, more career-focused, and finding hobbies I enjoy instead of trending. 

So why choose Facebook out of all the outlets available. Outside of my immediate family my closest relatives are 2 hours away. With Facebook, I can share what I’m doing and with who, they can watch my family grow and I can watch theirs. If you look at the age ranges of Facebook users they have a huge HUGE variety in their age ranges. 

Source: Sprout Social, provided a chart of Facebook age demographics. 

This allows me to be able to reach all relatives because it is user-friendly; the proof is in the pudding :p Also when I was younger I felt those other apps/ social media outlets were my space to get away from family. I would HATE it when I would find out my mom made an Instagram (cause I have one). Mom! I do not want you to see what I’m posting on Instagram. Now I have a panic attack that my 12-year-old son decided to make his own Snapchat and TicToc. I have this feeling because I hate it all. No one should have that much information at their fingertips. I KNOW there are positives. But when it comes to my kids, I think of the worst-case scenario. The body-shaming, the deadly challenges, and access to really negative things. Trust me I monitor him, but I also have to let him live in HIS generation. And that is the scariest thought. 

Now let’s flip it and reverse it! School time! And I want to start a business! Let’s jump on this bandwagon of social media. As I said, I know there are positives. While in school I’m learning more about them as well. I might have seen a commercial about LinkedIn but I wasn’t in the business of business, I was cleaning up your grandma and my babies at home. But now!!! I can’t wait to rebrand myself and start over and I feel like I understand social media in a grown-up way. I feel the need to take professional PHOTOGRAPHS (not pictures). I want to engage with future clients, and I want to be successful. I recently had a really good time on someone’s social media marketing, and I want to provide that.

Source: LinkedIn

So I’m going to be re-downloading apps and taking advantage of the good. I’m excited to learn about LinkedIn and Meta Business Suite! Oh hey and I’ll have to figure out Twitter this time according to this chart. Thanks for listening/reading! This is the end of my TEDTalk ;D


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  1. You are correct, we should be use appropriate way our time in social media, but if is a business they can spend all time what they need for make the business successful.


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