Platform – In Person or Social Media

Back in my day when I was asked to use the platform, it was to stand on an actual raised surfaced to give a speech, perform my debate, sing a song, or tell people about an upcoming event. It now has a completely different meaning to me.

a raised level surface on which people or things can stand:”there are viewing platforms where visitors may gape at the chasm”

    a raised floor or stage used by public speakers or performers so that they can be seen by their audience:”earning her living on the concert platform”synonyms: stage · dais · stand · rostrum · podium · soapbox 

Microsoft Bing dictionary

Now platforms are now considered to be different types of social media apps that allow you to communicate with others. I can share quick pics, which is new lingo to discuss later, through Snap Chat.  I can air my “dirty laundry” on FB (Facebook) posts.  You can find my work history by looking me up on LinkedIn (in.).  Don’t even get me started on reels through IG (Instagram). How to make a reel –

I feel social media has taken away from the personal contact that is made between people as well as the customer service between businesses and consumers. You don’t have to pick up a phone anymore to reach out to someone. At one time, good old fashion advertisement was only through the newspaper, tv, radio, and posters hung at your local establishment. Now I can shop all day long on Facebook Market Place, save all that I want, and wait till the price drops.  I quick jump in once the price is right and snag the item. I can check all the events going on and choose which ones I’m “going” to, “interested”, or “not going” depending on my schedule.

The positives about social media do outweigh the past ways of communicating. I can reach out to family and friends a lot quicker through Facebook Messenger. I don’t even have to have update or store their phone number in my phone anymore. They can see what I’m up to in my life and only that which I want to share.  I can also do what’s now considered as “Facebook Stalk” my family and friends when I have the time to want to pull up all the latest drama or exciting things going on in their lives. I follow pages and businesses to get the latest updates and received scams through my feed, which is another one of those words we will circle back on.

We went from shortening words like sus (suspicious) and ridic (ridiculous) to acronyms for text messaging and social media. ; Check out these sites for the latest lists of acronyms. Let’s also talk about those words previously mentioned. If I were to ask you, did you get the pic? Without spelling out the word, would you have known I was talking about a photo/picture? I asked a friend recently and her first thought that came to mind was a comb. I was thinking of picking someone. First off, a full conversation should have happened prior to that question being asked in order to have an idea of how to reference that word.

Let’s talk about feed now. Can I reference this word past tense when referring to my Facebook feed? My Facebook fed me a bunch of garbage today. No?  I mean it could have mentally, but physically? I don’t think so. I like how I can make my feed the way I want. What’s relevant – newest to oldest – well of course! No on wants old. Give me the FRESH! I can a la carte my food, I mean feed, to not show the unnecessary ads and people that like to bring on their own drama, post pics every hour or want to tell you everything that’s going on in their lives every second of their day. Let’s face it people, no one needs to know, no one cares unless it’s your mom or mother -in- law that wants to create drama for you. YES! I think we have all experienced something to that nature.

Ok! Back to the positives of social media. I’m looking forward to starting a new business in my future with my fiancé. It’s a little side business to get started with.  As I’m learning all these new platforms and I’m coming up with several ideas of how to present the business as well as advertisements. I currently use Facebook for my private group for selling Epicure products. Are you looking for a quicker and easier way of cooking? I sell it! I’m a consultant for Epicure that doesn’t like to be pushy.  I schedule my posts often to let people know what’s going on. I don’t like to overwhelm people feeds as they can actually turn off their notifications and not see your information until they want to. By not being able to see the posts, it takes away from the purpose as to why I put my information out there.

My peeps, yes, I said peeps, like to post their food that they made and the excitement they have about the products. I do LIVE events to communicate products, cook up a meal that you can see me doing right in front of your face while you could be sitting in the comfort of your own chair, working out, or riding in a car (hopefully not driving). People post comments and I can answer them right then and there. I snap pics and videos as well on my Snap Chat and IG accounts.

My Epicure group page
This is just one of my jobs. I helped with the design and update of our cover photo and profile pic. #deleersconstructioninc
Essentials of Social Media Marketing by Charello, Michelle

Have you ever heard the phrase, can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Now you can! Old dog out.


4 thoughts on “Platform – In Person or Social Media

  1. I really enjoy the way you wrote this! I can definitely feel your personality coming through the screen! I do agree with you that there are both positive and negative things to come out of this social media age, but I liked how you were able to focus on the good aspects and how you can use it to benefit yourself and your business. There’s a lot of nuance to it but I feel like you found something that works for you and are well on your way if not already there! I also know a few people that would greatly benefit from your cooking classes… myself included lol


  2. The lingo that comes from the evolution of social media is so interesting to me. Abbreviations have become the latest form of communication. I agree that it becomes a habit at times and some (older) people might not pick up on how we communicate quicker and easier through technology that compared to a few years ago! I love watching the world adapt to new technology.


  3. I can see where social media has become a space where people “share too much” and can be intentionally annoying. One of the many downsides.
    I also agree that the world of social media is constantly changing, whether it be slang, platforms, or even how businesses utilize it.


  4. I totally agree with you how “Use platform” has a different meaning from the past thank you, technology!


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