Wrapping up Social Media Marketing

I had no idea what this class was going to involve. I saw that it was part of the Customer Service degree and I decided to take it in order to get promoted at work. I also was having thoughts about coming up with ways to make residual income using social media.

I currently work for a large company in one of their stores. I don’t have an opportunity to work in their social media department unless I move. But I can utilize a lot of the ways to provide good customer service for social media in my current position. I just do it face to face. I make sure that I treat customers the way I would want to be treated. I have empathy for their dilemma and can help problem solve and come up with a solution. People do not like to wait (especially if they have not been acknowledged). I understand that and I try to let them know that I will be right with them or that they need to get in line to do a return, etc. So, those strategies come in handy now.

Being able to put them into practice in a social media setting is going to be harder for me. Like I said before, I am trying to think of ways to make residual income and use social media at the same time. I don’t currently have anything lined up but what I have learned in class will help a lot. Daily monitoring in of the site and daily posts that aren’t the same are important. Keeping on top of comments and feedback regarding a product or service is also important.

From what I have learned is that I need to have a product or service and then generate awareness of that product or service and then follow the metrics. I would do this by monitoring the number of views and trying to increase the number of views by having multiple social media sites promoting my product or service. I would then have to generate customer engagement and involvement. While this may seem like a lot of work, I have watched my sister-in-law do this and create social media businesses. I know she isn’t on the internet all day. She has a family and other interests that need her attention as well. I just might copy what she is doing. She also has a high standard when it comes to customer service.

I would really like to ask her how she deals with rude customers. I know how they should be handled but I am curious if anyone else has a different take. The book said that some comments should not be acknowledged. It didn’t say that they would contact that customer directly. Would any of you contact an unruly customer directly through instant messaging or would you call them to get to the root of their issue? I don’t know that totally ignoring them is the right way to handle the situation. If they were in a retail store someone from the management team would be dealing with them to de-escalate the situation and make them happy customers.

This class offered a lot of good take aways that can be used in a retail setting as well as a social media setting. I will be utilizing what I have learned. I hope I can add a social media business to my endeavors soon.

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