Customer Service is Very Important

Customer service is very important to businesses. It is especially important on social media. Anyone in the world could access your businesses social media site and they will see how you treat your customers. They can read reviews and comments and they will see how the business responds. So, depending on all of that, you could gain or lose a potential customer.

Good examples of customer service according to is to have a dedicated customer service department continually monitoring their social media sites. They should be both proactive and reactive.

The above is an example of how Starbucks used empathy to relate to their customer’s craving or need for one of their signature drinks. They were being personable but not overdoing it. They had an opportunity to connect personally with their customer and they did they did it very well. Other people will read this too and it now becomes an opportunity for Starbucks to gain more customers. Someone will read this and think about going there to try a pink drink too.

Examples of bad customer service, according to, would be not having a social media communications strategy to monitor multiple social media sites. Customer service agents that don’t seem to care or don’t understand you. The automated customer service chats aren’t that helpful when you want to talk to a real person. They don’t have the capability to discuss some issue topics and in my opinion it is just a waste of my time. Another example of bad customer service is not having empathy for the customer or making them wait for any length of time to talk to someone or have their issue resolved. Companies that lack a good customer service department are missing out of an opportunity to increase their customer base. With social media there is unlimited potential for gaining new customers.

Customer service on social media is going to be a little harder for me. I deal with customers face to face and my personal rule is to treat them the way I would want to be treated in that instance. I can read their faces and broaden my explanation of a policy or a product benefit based on that. Social media will be a bit harder because you have to watch the tone of what you write and how you write it. I am one of those people that will write something and read it over a few times and then decide it wouldn’t be received well by the other party. I would delete it and try again. I don’t like conflict so I will down play the wording so it isn’t as harsh but yet trying to get my point across. I like to read the company responses to their customers as a way to learn more. It almost seems that the responses are already set up in advance. It’s like if the person says this or mentions that we respond with this response. I need to learn how to do that when on social media.


One thought on “Customer Service is Very Important

  1. I absolutely love this! I feel the customer service has completely changed with social media. You can’t hear the tone of someone if they are writing it. It could be sarcasm, rude, or simply the way they are and didn’t think twice to go back to read if they were positive or negative in the way they worded their comment(s). My parent’s run an Airbnb and have to deal with the comments and reviews. One negative comment or less than 5 stars causes questions in everyone’s view. There’s no way to remove those comments. It’s the way the world works now based off these reviews. All you can do is your best and make sure everyone is happy, otherwise it will be known.


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