Living and learning my way through social media marketing has been interesting these last several weeks. I’ve learned a lot and put a few things into practice. Below is a list of things I will or have applied.

  • What will you take from class and be able to use or apply? Explain. Also, do you still have a question about social media marketing? Pose a question asking for others thoughts.
  • Use of multiple platforms through hoot suite
  • Time of day analytics
  • AB testing
  • Using different platforms with different goals
  • How to best use different platforms
  • What’s an engagement rate and why is it important
  • What is a social media strategy and why is it important
  • Branding on social media

Social Media Strategy

Having a social media strategy is more in depth than I originally thought. I started posting for my department with out a strategy at all. I didn’t consider who my audience was or what the message should be or in what voice it should made in. My only direction was to share the message on the departments Facebook page.

While the department has not established a formal social media strategy, I have started thinking about it and want to establish one. The audience is NWTC students and their families as well as NWTC faculty and staff and the surrounding community. The goal is to share resources and opportunities with as many people as possible to help NWTC students succeed in school and life.

Different Platforms

All platforms are not created equal. Each social media platform has their own ways that posts reach people more effectively. Knowing how to post most effectively on each platform is ideal for a successful campaign.

Hootsuite is a tool that can be used to help manage the multiple platforms in one place. There is a dashboard where post across all platforms can be viewed at the same time. There is also analytics that are helpful with creating and continuing successful campaigns.

A/B Testing

This or that? What works best? Being able to post and see if this works better or that works better. This is something that I have not used.

I have posted unknowingly doing something similar to an A/B test. The post that I had posted and were reasonably similar, I compared the results of the 2 and there was a distinct difference between them. The major difference between the posts was that one had the person who was featured in the post tagged to their personal account and the other did not. The one with the personal tag had a substantially greater reach than the other one.


The last several weeks I have learned much from the social media marketing class as well as from posting for my department at work. At this time I am not able to dedicate much time or resources on social media. I have seen a significant increase in the reach and have also grown the followers of the page.

Going forward I plan on posting more engaging posts and see what the audience is looking for from the department’s Facebook page.

Social media is always changing. Staying in tune with emerging trends and changing audience is key to successful campaigns. I can’t wait to see what is next in the world of social media marketing.

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