Social Media and Why It’s Become Important to me

I have a love-hate relationship going with social media. When Facebook was first launched, I stayed away from it. I was of the mindset that if someone wanted to talk to me they could call or write me a letter. I know, that’s old school thinking. Then, as other family members started to sign up for Facebook accounts, I decided to get one of my own and see what the hype was all about.

It was fun at first talking with family and friends in different states. Unfortunately, with social media you have to be careful with what you write and how you write it. Sometimes other people didn’t understand what I was trying to say, and they would jump in and attack me. I asked my sister why she didn’t wear protective eye and headwear while out ATVing. I thought it was a harmless question since I know how cautious my sister is. My sister-in-law jumped all over me and wouldn’t let it go. She thought I was attacking my own sister. AS IF.

I ended up deleting Facebook for about a week. I began wondering what I was missing by not looking at the posts each day. I didn’t have to leave a comment. I could just look. I would hover in the background enjoying other people’s posts. Then, my husband started watching YouTube videos of people that like to do the outdoor activities that we like to do. He started watching Kevin Callan from Canada (otherwise known as the Happy Camper). His videos are funny and engaging. He also takes students out on trips to help teach them life skills. I follow him on Facebook. It turns out that he knows someone that will come to our scout meeting once a year to share some of the gadgets that he likes to

Bird Counter on Lake Michigan

With social media, the world becomes a little smaller. Like the people we are following are close to us and not miles away. The people you know also know people and you may know some of their friends and it keeps branching exponentially. It’s just mind boggling. I like to post photos of the places my husband and I have gone backpacking.

Grand Island National Recreational Area, Munising, MI

My husband also watched Mr. and Mrs. Adventure on YouTube and they have a web site They are a young couple that live out of their van and travel the world. They have had a few different vans that they have turned into a camper van to travel in. My husband and I would like to travel the country in a van someday and they have videos about van life and what nobody tells you about van life. So, we watch their videos and take notes for the day will come that we will get to drive off into the sunset in our own camper van.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and Why It’s Become Important to me

  1. The use of social media is definitely a slippery slope!! Thank you for being transparent and sharing your experiences!! I also have a love-hate relationship with social media and I have days where I spend so much time online that I forget what day it is, and I have days where I want to delete all my platforms and never go on social media again!


  2. OMG! I love your blogging… is that how I word it? I don’t even know these days. I can definitely relate to wording things incorrectly and then you feel like oh $&%#! What did I do wrong? Then when you make the actual voice callout and explain, everything is much better. I have to read, reread, and well, hold off for a couple minutes and read again to edit what I could say better.


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