My Time with Social Media Marketing

At the beginning of this course, I did not quite know what to expect. I mostly just expected to read a book and work on some assignments relating to what was in the book. That is what happened, but not in the way that I expected. I did not expect to be writing as much as I did. Before this course, I always felt like I could write about something for an assignment if I had to, but I never really enjoyed it that much. Probably because I would overthink about what I had to write, or I had to write about something that I was not interested in. But after this course I feel like I got somewhat better at writing. I would not call myself an expert writer after taking this course, but I feel like I can write about things easier than I could before. 

 The topics in the book were interesting as I read them, and the Hootsuite certification was informative too. I had no idea how much effort went into managing social media for a company and all of the different tactics for having a successful social media account. I was used to viewing it from a customer’s eyes and thinking that it could not be that bad for a company to manage a social media account. I thought that they probably had to do some planning and it seemed like it could come naturally to them, but companies put lots of thought into planning out what they will post and what their advertisements will look like months in advance.  

After taking this course, I think that I will be able to use whatever information was stored in my mind after reading a chapter of the book or watching one of the videos. I know that I will be able to use my improved writing skills, but besides that, I do not have any other answers to what I think I will be able to use from this course. I think that what I learned from this course went wherever any other information I learned about goes. To the back of my mind until I remember it for something. It might be because it gets brought up in a conversation, or maybe I randomly think about it one day. Either way, there are probably things that I learned about from this course subconsciously that will come back to me when I need them.  

A question I have about social media marketing is how big is a team of social media marketers usually? It probably depends on who is running it, or what they are marketing. I would think that a team consists of 10 or more people realistically, but I wonder whether or not a smaller team or even just one person could handle all of the responsibilities. I cannot imagine doing a social media audit alone, I think that would be mentally taxing. I could be wrong and maybe there is someone out there doing them alone regularly.

If there is, they have my respect. 

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2 thoughts on “My Time with Social Media Marketing

  1. I liked learning about blogging. It is something I have been wondering about doing for a while now. I still don’t know if I will take that plunge, but it was nice learning about the process.


  2. I agree that the course did contribute to bring a certain comfort level to my writing and posting about ideas socially as well. The Hoosuite App was also a first for me. I did get a lot out that. I predict marketing teams getting smaller in the future due to the available apps like Hoosuite that cut time and data crunching work.


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