Marketing, SEO and the Real World

If you had told me 7 weeks ago that by the end of this class, I would have an entire new job in the Marketing and SEO field I would have laughed at you. If you remember, from my initial blog post, I took this class as part of a certificate to help make running the social media and back end of my antiques/vintage shop more efficient.  It was in no way an attempt to switch career fields but that’s what ended up happening.

So, the really easy answer to “what will I take from this class and be able to use or apply?” is all of it. Not only will what I learned here help with my shop, but it will greatly help me at my new marketing job. I also won’t be able to look at any social media the same way ever again. I think I’ll constantly be analyzing what a particular brand’s strategy is from now on.

Being more specific though, there are some key things that I really am excited to use with my Etsy shop specifically.  For example, I plan on doing a full social media audit this summer for the shop and using that to build out a comprehensive social media plan.  The chapters of the book on how to pick what metrics are most important will also be really helpful when building this plan and going forward with it.

Through the course and group project I’ve also learned the importance of video content. I know that I need to start producing more Tiktoks and videos for the shop’s Instagram to really increase engagement. Video is one of the biggest yet most underutilized forms of media content right now, so I definitely want to start trying to use it more. Even if it’s just short clips showing off new items for the shop for Instagram stories.

As for what I can use in my new job, SEO (search engine optimization) is a big part of that. The place I started at is a master of SEO in the websites they build. While the textbook didn’t cover much on SEO, there’s other things that I am able to bring to the table because of this course. I have a good general understanding of marketing and how social media work now, so I don’t feel the need to ask so many “why are you doing that way” questions. I can tell the things they’re doing make sense and are really smart moves. It’s also very exciting to see real life applications of the topics covered in the textbook happening in real time.

To wrap it all up, this course has been quite interesting and informative. I do wish there had been more time to dig into the topics more and get to gain a deeper understanding because with the time frame things felt rushed. While I came here to gain knowledge for my Etsy shop, I ended up with a new job in the marketing field and this class has taught me a lot of valuable information for both. Here’s to never being afraid to go back to school or take another class and continuing to learn; because you never know where it’ll take you.

That leads me to the questions I have for everyone: Did you learn what you thought you might learn from this class? Or did it take a completely different direction than you thought and teach you something unexpected?

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