Pinterest Continues becoming a Creative Community Fosterer.

   Despite the political choices the company has made, as I discussed in my past blog,  I’m a huge Pinterest fan. I use Pinterest everyday and honestly it’s addicting sometimes. As a designer of social media content, posters, logos and branding it’s an incredibly important resource in my creative process. I’ve always been a visual learner, because of this I create vision boards that drive my inspiration and project directions. That’s why I’m so thrilled to share with you today, Pinterests latest update. Pinterest has updated and practically re-created their app in multiple ways, I’ll share just a few, but you can read all about the rave below.

  “…allow creators to build more meaningful engagement with their communities and inspire action. Unlike other apps focused on entertainment and passive scrolling, takes are designed to inspire Pinners to try something new, and empower creators to build community around shared passions.”

   It’s no secret society values efficiency, things designed well, and the community connections formed when sharing those things with others. Pinterest has been known for years now as an idea generating app for recipes, weddings, events, creatives and pretty much any area of life you can think of. Now they are expanding their platform to optimize pin creators to customer connections. As people share ideas and what they are passionate about in ways like never before on Pinterest, this creates a whole new community effect that will be made through Pinterest. So let’s jump into how Pinterest is changing!

  First of all, Pinterest will be adding on their home feed the option to browse or watch. The watch option will be similar to tik-tok, except community engagement focused. Pinners can browse through their daily ideas based on past pins and ideas or slide through the browse section, also tailored to them. Secondly Pinterest has now provided the opportunity for takes. Pinterst users who are familiar with the old tried feature, will see takes as a better version of that. Takes give pinners the chance to comment and share what they tried and how well it worked. This new feature may greatly boost pinterests positive external interactions, creating a chain for new virals. 

  Idea Pins are being rolled out for the first time as well . Pincreators now have access to hundreds of albums, templates, recording and video tools to maximize their content. Idea pins will also include seasonal stickers for holidays or new trend stickers pin creators can easily place throughout their content. What I’m so excited about is the Pinterests Creator Awards program. Pinterest content creators will now get paid for their work, similarly to that of a Youtube channel. Pinterest would not be Pinterest without its community of pin creators and pinners. Pinterst wants to continue to encourage content creators who are passionate about what they are making and sharing with others. Pinterest has now partnered with Amazon to embed links into pins. 

  All of these updates help marketers in a variety of great ways. Through takes, marketers will now have a much better understanding of what and why pinners are trying instead of just pinning. I can’t tell you how many times I pin a recipe, but never end up making it. It opens the door for researchers to truly see what information is or isn’t being taken away and used. Pinterest is also rolling out AR product try ons! You can now virtually try on that fabulous red lipstick or eyeshadow with the click of a button. Pinners are also given more options to narrow down their complexion to best match makeup results.Throughout the years, Pinterest has been progressively building and has finally reached its peak of becoming a highly used social network of creators, trend setters and community builders. I look forward to what AR features they will do next, such as AR furniture, clothes, artwork or decorations tryouts.

Photo from Google Play apps