Social Media: Does It Help or Hinder Companies?

Social media sites are the place to be and everyone wants to be there. Including some gutsy businesses. As a social media user and shopper, what comes to mind first when you think of what makes a good business? What has made some of the experiences you have had with sellers really stand out? For me it’s customer service hands down. It doesn’t matter if the product was horrible or didn’t arrive when you were expecting it to. If the problem was taken care of quickly and handled the way you expect it to, I bet you probably continued to shop with that supplier and even went as far as to write a good review directed towards their great service. Having a social media presence allows businesses to respond to customer almost immediately. Which allows for the fastest turnaround time available today. However, it also opens a window for online complaints and negative reviews. One of the things I go to first when considering a new product, are the reviews. Without good customer service your product or company could suffer from an unattended online presence. As a business you need to truly be present on your sites to make them work.

It’s important for businesses to keep their brand consistent across all social media platforms. Recognition and navigation should be similar throughout all the sites used. When a business makes their presents easy to understand and navigate, customers are more likely to partake in their brand experience.

For a business to have a good social media presence you must interact with your customers. Include easily navigated clickable content. Give your company a personality. Handle negative and positive feedback quickly and with grace. Humor is also a good thing when appropriate. I think it’s important for your site to give off the vibes you would like to see from the customers. Don’t they always say you attract what you are? Or something like that. The phrase simply implies that you attract like minded people or things.

To funny not to share. Everyone loves their own work. Sometimes it’s important to listen to what your clients have to say.

Spotify has been recognized as having one of the best customer care teams. They’re “really protective of tone of voice” Dan Gingiss, chief experience officer of Winning Customer Experience, says. Employees must submit writing test and pass with high scores to even be considered by the company. They have multiple Twitter accounts that provide quick and easily accessible assistance, @SpotifyCares and @SpotifyStatus. Their RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS is when they share or provide a playlist that they have curated to a specific customer listening style. Who doesn’t like music? This just works! I’m sure this is how people discover new music and artist they didn’t even know they would like. Great job Spotify!

It looks like some cellular companies, TV providers, banks, airlines, and hotels are among some of the top rated for poor customer service. Which isn’t surprising to me at all. Some of the things these companies lack in their online presence is; monitoring current sites for customer complaints or requests, when service is given it’s slow and unhelpful, they toss customers around to avoid conflict, they lack empathy, and customers have simply had to wait too long for assistance. It’s hard for a company to come back once their reputation has been tarnished. I would almost guess this is why a lot of companies avoid an online persona. It’s better to be completely absent then to avoid or not put the time in to assist your customers.

There are still tons of businesses today that do not even have an online presence. If they do, it’s simply to advertise their products like a brochure would. You cannot shop with them or communicate with them. They’re there just to show you what they have to offer. Which I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Probably better than the alternative. At least they’re not trying to provide a service that they cannot keep up with.

Online social media marketing has not even come close to touching half the business in the world today. Imagine what the future holds for designers, marketing, and business opportunities. Each year I would expect customer service strategies to become faster, stronger, and more sophisticated than anything we have ever seen before. We have come a long way already. I’m excited to see what the future holds. I’m expecting virtual chat rooms where people will be able to go and talk to a customer service representative directly just by clicking the chat button or telling Siri or Alexa to connect you.

2 thoughts on “Social Media: Does It Help or Hinder Companies?

  1. Very well put together article with lots of great examples! I think personally the worst experiences I have is any time I have to call an medical insurance company on the phone. It’s usually the only way to get a hold of them but I often get put on hold multiple times, switched to numerous agents for no reason and often don’t get a result after nearly 2 hours on the phone.

    Also, its a good point that as more people realize the value of having a presence online and a voice and interaction with customers there will be more positions for social media marketers going forwards. A lot of small businesses or older businesses may not know where to start in these areas or may not think its important.

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  2. This is a great article! I especially love what you said about going to reviews when buying a product. I do that too and can tell a lot about a company and if I want to support them by how they handle negative comments. Great job!!

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