Social media and customer service in the same sentence, absolutely!

We all have at one time or another a customer service representative that wasn’t able to answer a question, resolve a problem, seemed crabby, didn’t appear to be concerned about the issue, or nobody responded to an email or phone call. That will be experiences that you will share with friends and family that the company that you were dealing with that they will be unlikely to do business with. On the other hand if you have dealt with someone that went above and beyond to make sure that you had a great experience – able to walk you through how to get an item that you purchased to work, called you to make sure that you received your product that was ordered, shares recipes on how to use the product that you purchased through the company, just to name a few. Those experiences will also be shared with family and friends and they would be likely to do business with them.

I recently purchased a new vehicle – awesome customer service (but that was mostly in person). The horrible customer service experience came into the picture when I went to add the new vehicle and remove the old one from my Sirius XM account. I did everything through the chat on their website. Everything seemed to go well that evening, until the next day when I went to sign into my account – nothing! I got a message that my account was no longer active. I was confused! I asked the night before if everything will work as it was, and I was assured that everything would. I joined the online chat again… I had to explain to the new rep (because you never get the same person) what happened the previous night. The latest rep was able to help me get everything set-up like I had it previously. He also sent me an email confirmation of everything that we went over. Everything turned out ok in the end in this situation.

Social media customer service is the process of offering customer support on your social media channels, starting from a complaint or query all the way to a resolution. Social media customer service is a great addition to a business’s current customer service channels. Customers expect fast responses to their questions, on social media and elsewhere. 80% of millennials prefer to use social media for customer service over web, phone, or online chat, with 17% of those between 18 and 24 resolving their customer service issues using a social messaging app. Customers are actively seeking the fastest way to get an answer to their question or complaint – with a large percentage seeking a response in under an hour.

Social media customer service doesn’t happen randomly or out of the blue. It must be done at a steady pace for it to take effect. If the business only answers a few complaints or queries every once in a while, the business will seem inconsistent at best and unprofessional at worst.

Customer service on social media channels allow easy customer contact and engaging social interaction, providing brand building and widescale contact through multiple channels. I see this becoming more and more popular with companies by using both human interaction and artificial intelligence to help fulfill customer needs.

2 thoughts on “Social media and customer service in the same sentence, absolutely!

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures were spot on and interesting to look at. I agree with what you wrote, companies who do not perform well with customer service will not do well. Recently I had a bad customer service experience and decided to write a review. Once on google I saw the company had 1 star and review after review of regretful customers, who would never go back because the front desk people were so bad yet the other services were good. Customer Service is critical to the success of companies, especially in the fast pace world of social media.


  2. Great blog post! Its so true that customer service has a huge impact on the way someone sees a company and you did a great job of explaining that! I especially liked how you mentioned how great of an impact speed and effectiveness of the help received which is so crucial to good customer service. great job!


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