Customer Service is a Scam.

We all know customer service is the last thing corporations think about, and there isn’t much we can do to change that. You see it all the time on social media sites that have the comments turned on. Every response is nothing but a bot, so it looks like they care, but in reality, they don’t give a shit. You probably already gave them the money for a product that you bought.

I see it daily when looking at products. The best customer service they offer is fake ads, so they can hand you a commercial piece of garbage that you most likely don’t even need, but hey, Capitalism am I right? Remember the days when a lifetime warranty didn’t only mean five years? Probably not, but they did exist. Now, they try to sell you a warranty on top of a warranty.

Customer Service teams should stop using bots and put some people to work that can actually answer questions and concerns.

“Your product was dead on arrival. I would like a refund.”


Then all you get is this… How many times have you seen this response on the cesspool you know as Facebook?

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, please send us a message, so we [a literal piece of code] can try to resolve the situation.”

Every Customer Service Bot Ever

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, please send us a message, so we [a literal piece of code] can try to resolve the situation.”

I get it, AI and robots can do the job, poorly. We need to get back to the norm that consumers make a business great.

Are there any good customer service examples? Not as many as there should be, but a good one would be Xbox. You know, the major gaming company owned by Microsoft? Yeah, they actually let you know when they are working on issues and give follow-up messages/tweets or whatever you want to call them. They also don’t take a day to respond when you have a question.

Now this company does take its sweet time to reply to inquiries/concerns. British Airways is apparently really good at providing terrible service for its customers. Airlines operate 24/7, yet their customer service only operates from 0900-1700GMT. Oh, you lost your luggage? We don’t care. is basically how their CS works. Look below.

I’d be pretty salty if a 24/7 business made me wait until the next day to get my belongings located. Stuff like this doesn’t fly in our world anymore, and neither should it have at all. This isn’t only a social media issue either. Reaching out to social media is usually just the easiest and quickest method. Most companies operate like scammers for that quick financial gain, and it is destroying faith and trust in companies. This may be obvious, but the people aren’t too fond of the rich these days.

I truly hope that one day we will figure out a proper method to handle these concerns. Personally, I think social media should not be handling customer service. What’s worse than someone saying your product is junk? Thousands of people also saying your production is junk all in the same area instead of a self-contained customer service process.

3 thoughts on “Customer Service is a Scam.

  1. I really like the perspective you chose to focus on. I agree, not all companies handle customer difficulties the same. Some companies do a horrendous job of dealing with their customer complaints, return policies, order accuracy and other issues.


  2. Your perspective is interesting and I have had many of the same experiences, however, I have also had many good experiences. It is easy to focus on the bad and that is all it takes for people to change their mind about a company, one bad experience. That should be front of mind when managing social media.


  3. I agree with some of your points. Customer service on social media sites can be lacking in customer satisfaction and speed in which a situation is corrected. I personally steer clear of dealing with a customer service concern through social media. I would prefer to talk to a customer service representative and have my issue taken care of right away.


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